Long has She Reigned

Long Has She Reigned
The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Much more than just a figurehead
Her Majesty has reigned
O’er the far-flung Commonwealth
Our allegiance she sustained

Since post war days in ‘52
Upon her father’s passing
Her rule faithfully discharged
Earlier monarchs all surpassing

Fourteen Prime Ministers within her reign
Consulted on matters of state
In weekly palace conversations
Informed of the debate

To Acts she gave the Royal Assent
Upheld the unwritten constitution
Symbol of Parliament’s authority
The Crown’s firm resolution

At home endless new hospitals and unis
Unveiling plaques commemorative
Acknowledged by that neat gloved hand
Midst applause appreciative

Ceremonial duties have filled many years
As nations gained independence
Flags lowered and raised to trumpet calls
Colourful displays resplendent

In these 70 years her offspring she has nurtured
Among all the joys of family life
A supportive rock to all her own
In years of trial and strife

Her love too of animals
Is well known and admired
The corgis taking pride of place
Even horses once retired!

As our Head of State
Her whole life dedicated
Faithful commitment to us all
Now duly celebrated

So now she comes to the Platinum Jubilee
Assured of our goodwill and admiration
Even those not quite monarchists
Acclaim her long service to the nations

Ken Fisher


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