The Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball


The wrecking ball has struck our lives again
‘Midst cherished hopes of a world at peace
Invasion on Europe’s eastern flanks
From tyranny a prayer for release

The wrecking ball swung with relentless force
Who can this weighty pendulum  resist?
Appeals to reason or appeasement unavail
Might and justice fail to coexist

Will this wrecking ball sound the death knell
Of post war tenuous years of truce?
A renewed Cold War the best we can expect?
Living precariously with this new truth

Ken Fisher


White Noise

White Noise

That mysterious hum
Is it from outer space?
It’s source we cannot trace

Some say it’s what we need
A soothing calm vibration
Balm to the troubled soul
Removes all agitation

White noise apparently combines
All frequencies of sound
Blended thus emitting
‘Near-silence’ quite profound

Sometimes white noise
Signals an interruption
Connection lost, line gone dead
Zoom conference disruption

At other times this ‘absent’ sound
A very welcome aid
Its reassuring hum or hiss
Heartens those afraid

In theoretical science
And practical technology
White noise is multifunctional
Not least in space cosmology

White noise is so much more
Than something non-existent
That audible inaudible
Mystery quite persistent

Ken Fisher

Radio – The Listener’s Window on the World 2022

Radio – The Listener’s Window on the World
Re-Posted for World Radio Day Feb 2022
and as a plea for peace at this time of
great international tension


For the genius of Guglielmo Marconi we must truly all give thanks
Among all his contemporary scientists he was in the very front rank
On the shoulders of Heinrich Hertz who found waves electromagnetic
Marconi built a method to send out these signals energetic

Marconi concocted a plan most cunning that avoided telegraph wires
And thus sent out his ‘wireless’ signals above all those church spires
As the 19th century reached its close his experiments came to fruition
When with magnets, coils and dancing sparks he made his first transmission

From such primitive experiments by these wise men of invention
Flowed a cascade of ideas yielding endless innovation
Hence crystal sets and thermionic valves (which frequently got hot)
Transistors followed next and radio sets did then shrink a lot

As the years took their course and broadcasts grew universal
Transmitter networks worldwide ensured signal dispersal
Initially wave lengths were short or long and sometimes just medium
For local sites we had medium and long, for distance, shortwaves gave a premium

Sometimes people would complain of AM interference
Then along came VHF giving much more coherence
And in latter days, in a world of instant communication
Quality transformed as satellites beam o’er the nations

But the radio scene was much enhanced not just by technology
Its programming stretched wide spanning all ideologies
From off-shore pirate ships to internet radio delights
Broadcast output unceasing by day and night

So today we have radio which is quite all-pervasive
It’s in our cars, on our phones, perhaps too invasive?
Where e’er we roam in this wide world its waves fill the air
We get it live, by DAB, or pod-cast, no matter when or where

And radio for each listener is a window on the world
Its masts like nations’ flags are everywhere unfurled
And if the aim is that ‘nation should speak peace unto nation’
Then those early pioneers assured its true foundations

And at this time of great international tension
We pray that this ingenious invention
Might spread words of diplomacy and peace
From this fiendish stranglehold adversaries be released

So we have come a long way from that first pulse ethereal
Art by invention sent from masts to aerials
A world-wide enterprise to educate, entertain and inform
The broadcast media have all our lives transformed

Therefore acknowledge the debt we owe those pioneers of the past
Without whose achievements we could not amass
Such bounteous gifts as come winging by the air
An inheritance rich that is quite beyond compare



Ken Fisher


Keep the Heid and Haud Yer Wheesht

Keep the Heid and Haud Yer Wheesht

When by world events you’re overwhelmed
By screaming kids you’re round the bend
Inside, you’re begging ‘gie me peace’
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When you’re caught up in argy-bargy
Any concession rather tardy
No forgiveness not the least
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When all around is gloom and doom
For happy thoughts there seems no room
Inside you’re pleading for release
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When politicians shout and squabble
TV debates become a rabble
With little light and too much heat
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When ranting preachers point the finger
Our pleasures they would surely hinder
From protestation be released
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

With all that would our lives disturb
Knee-jerk reactions we should curb
A moment’s thought might tame the beast
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

Such approach no cowardly plea
Perhaps more a pause to wait and see
E’er retaliation is unleashed
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

Ken Fisher






Tombstones and Snowdrops

Tombstones and Snowdrops

Ominous rumblings
Of invasion and war
As the nations emerge
From pandemic peril
Peace once again shattered
By belligerent power

It seems crisis is
Forever endemic
Tombstone memorial
Looming over bright hope
In this new year’s
Burgeoning snowdrops

As the world holds its breath
May the light of hope
Escape from under
The tombstone’s shadow
Tiny white flags, not of appeasement
But of justice and peace

Ken Fisher






Andante – a moderately slow tempo
An easy walking pace
Relaxed, unhurried
You’re not in a race

We live life in a rush
Startled by the starter’s gun
Forward, ever onward
Always on the run

Why can’t we learn
It’s not a competition?
There is no prize
No quest for recognition

As in the fabulous tale
The Hare and the Tortoise
Hare defeated in the race
Opponent held his poise

So let us learn to keep
That even balanced tread
In all our daily doings
Its steady rhythm embed

Andante – like ticking of the clock
Slow but sure progress
Meet each daily challenge
While serenity possess

Ken Fisher

By Nature and By Grace

By Nature and By Grace


From whence cometh what we are?
By nature or by grace
The formation of this earthly life
Mysterious to trace

Some claim nature the defining force
Others cling to nurture
Might grace have any part to play?
Enquires the pious searcher

Nature dictates the frame we have
Nurture moulds behaviour
But grace invokes a higher power
Gratis from our Saviour

Most accept the role that’s played
Nature and nurture enshrined
Perhaps ideal is manifest
As those with grace combine

Ken Fisher

Post Truth Society 2022

Post Truth Society – 2022

It has been claimed
That truth has gone
The victim of modern living
It no longer matters
What we say
The world will be forgiving

But not just in words
In actions too
In every task that we should do
With ease, who cares
We simply bluff
Our way right through

When truth takes flight
And fiction rules
No-one knows what to believe
No longer sure
Of falsity or verity
Duplicity shaped to deceive

If truth is only relative
Dependent on the context
How then define propriety?
Fake news, white lies
Flights of fancy, the currency of
Our post truth society

And right now in politics
Where porky pies abound
Virtue stands deflowered
As leaders breach their rules
Governance devoid of truth
And we ask, by what power?

Ken Fisher