Goodbye Daddy God?

Goodbye Daddy God?

There’s a project being launched to change the language around God
Pronouns He and Him are apparently quite odd
Instead it is felt that God is gender-neutral, neither one thing or the other
God, if we choose just like a sister or a brother

References in our liturgy and prayer at home or church
Starting ‘our Father’ some sensitive souls doth hurt
Gendered language is now outmoded and must be cast aside
Our names for God no longer narrow but open wide

The Liturgical Commission will wrestle with this complex affair
Traditionalists say God as Father should make nobody despair
But modernists say it’s time for change to promote inclusive language
God can be thought of as a multi-layered sandwich

All this is happening amidst another fierce debate
Around Church marriage for civil couples, they say that is too late
So it seems in the world of politics ecclesiastical
Gender issues will stimulate more angst theological

Ken Fisher

On a simialr vein see:SHEHOVAH  Shehovah

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