My Attempt to Save BHS!

My attempt to save BHS [British Home Stores]


Having heard the bad news about BHS
One of our favourite stores, I have to confess
It’s fate hangs in the balance as it waits to be saved
Although I fear it won’t escape completely unscathed

Founded in 1928 this well-known retailer has made its mark
And news of its predicament seems all very stark
We knew there were problems, but hoped they might pass
And that thoughts of closure it might simply bypass

But today its seems to stand on the brink
And without some help it surely will sink
So although I have no means to solve all its woes
I thought it might help if I bought a few clothes!

When I visited the store to my great delight
Its welcoming windows were still shining bright
And better still (although perhaps not for them)
There were discounts on offer wherever we went

Although we could not make any magnanimous gesture
We hope in a small way we might have brought pleasure
As I rifled the shelves for a really good deal
And found two nice shirts which I thought had appeal!

So although we clearly could not redeem the store’s fate
[I think that to do that it is now far too late]
But perhaps by our small deed we still hope and believe
That from disaster surely someone will BHS retrieve


Ken Fisher




Introvert or Extrovert, Intuitive or Sensor
What type are we, as seen by those experts who us measure?
Thinker or Feeler, Judger or Perceiver
I hope the test ne’er proves to be a false deceiver

Personality typing is a tool with many uses
And cynically, I suppose, even some abuses
I am told it is a method of true self-discovery
Sometimes even helps us in self-recovery

Historically the main researchers in this field
To whose opinions we might humbly wish to yield
Were Jung then Briggs and the Myers tribe
And subsequently others who to their views subscribe

Myers-Briggs have defined sixteen different profiles
Each of these describes just one distinctive style
Each profile has a group of letters to avoid confusion
The group defines the type thus by allusion

So here we find the ISTJ known as “The Inspector”
The ISFJ – apparently “Protector”
Then there’s the ESTJ who’s a “Supervisor”
While ESFJ’s a kind and good “Provider”

The INFJ is known as a “Counsellor”
Better still, the INFP can often be a “Healer”
The ISTP is a handy “Artisan”
INTP “the Architect” another useful man

Many wish to be an ENFJ that is a “Teacher”
An ISFP “Composer” or ESFP a “Performer”
Then there is the ESTP known as a “Dynamo”
But can the ENTJ “Commander” him readily o’er throw?

We still need ISFP who’s a “Composer” of fine work
And ENFP the “Champion” – never known to shirk
Finally ENTP the “Visionary” in front and never left behind
But best of all there’s INTJ known to all as “Mastermind”

The jumbled letters range from narrow INTROVERSION
And at the other end, expansive EXTROVERSION
The letters also point to the humans’ wide dichotomies
Similarly wide-ranging in size and shape like their anatomy

So S stands for “Sensing” against N for ‘iNtuition”
J is “Judging” against P for “Perception”
And finally we set T for “Thinking” over against F for “Feeling”
Such categorization might not seem so appealing

Anyway this is my summary of personality typing theory
I have to say I am now getting somewhat weary
No doubt the experts in the detailed field of HR
Will apply the testing for employment near and far

But I have to wonder if putting us into a labelled box
And judging all we do against the ticking clock
Will really make us willing to put our best foot forward
Perhaps a smile, a kindly word, yield just as much reward.

Ken Fisher

[Acknowledging data from Myers Briggs and Jung Personality Tests websites] 

Thank You, and Yes Please

“The biggest doors can be opened by the smallest of keys
Thank you so much, and oh yes please”


Strange as it may seem we will likely achieve
Much more if we simply learn to say please
These common courtesies we must not eschew
By neglecting to say a polite ‘thank you’

These gentle words that would appease
Will rarely anyone displease
And if we use a little charm
Potential foes we can disarm

Or if by our words we seek to gain
and some objective would attain
Politeness surely will reward
Requests not readily ignored

So let’s not forget those common words
In conversation not always heard
Let our speech pay due regard
These two little words ne’er discard

‘Thank you so much for all that you do’
And then it is certain good things will ensue
When making requests then always say please
And doors will swing open as we’ve found the keys!

Ken Fisher


A Timely Warning!

A Timely Warning!   Not to be taken too seriously


Just cast your eyes upon these tombs
And think what in the future looms
If we stray from the straight and narrow
Our fate it certainly will harrow!

As we gaze upon these stones
From underground, do we hear groans?
What pains were suffered by the dead
‘Fore resting in their earthly bed?

But surely all that here do rest
In life did all their very best
To earn a place in heaven above
By showing others generous love?

So here’s the lesson we must learn
If just reward we hope to earn
Throughout this life be kind to all
That from God’s grace we will not fall

Lofty gravestones may impress
But monuments can rarely bless
If when we’re gone we seek respect
In this life, let love reflect

The simple message of these stones
And tombs filled with those old dry bones
Is nothing does forever last
Live life today, accept what’s passed


Ken Fisher


Social Kissing




It may just be that there is something I’m missing
But I’m perplexed by the rules about ‘social kissing’
For this without doubt is a real pressing question
And I would be pleased to hear your suggestions

For most of my life we controlled our emotion
Kissing reserved to show real deep devotion
For parents to children or husband to wife
But rarely to others in everyday life

But now that’s all changed and we kiss everyone
And I’m inclined to think it is much overdone
Not just our family or fairly close mates
Or young lovers embracing on their very first dates

No, today it would seem it is quite de rigueur
The habit ‘s almost become like a force majeure
No matter how casual may be the connection
We feel obligated to show our affection

But what is expected, a peck on the cheek?
Perhaps for many that may seem too weak
Go the whole hog, I say with a shrug
And grasp my victim in a mighty bear hug!

Then there’s the problem of which side comes first
Get it wrong and your sore head will need to be nursed
As your nose swipes across your acquaintance’s face
You will try to disguise the emerging grimace

The kiss straight on the lips might indeed satisfy
No doubt a technique that most bounders might try
But for those less red-blooded let’s keep it cool
Anyway, inappropriate kissing might prove you a fool

So where does this leave us, is there no protocol
For modern behaviour – no guidance at all?
Perhaps we should return to the well-tried handshake
And give all this kissing and hugging a break
Ken Fisher


[Original idea for this poem from the Daily Telegraph]

My Shiny New iMac

My Shiny New iMac

P1060641 (2)

I am now the owner of a shiny new Mac
Having got this beauty, I don’t want to turn back
I have released my grip on the Snow Leopard’s mane
To excitedly cavort with El Capitan!

Probably none of the above will make any sense
And if you know nothing of Macs that’s a good defence
And here is more jargon, just to show off
The retina screen is indeed very posh

Inside the casing so slim and so light
The massive store holds one whole terabyte
Its internal chips ensure remarkable speed
No matter how complex the input we feed

So I have to say I am feeling euphoric
Although yet to master its rules esoteric
And also it does give me cause for alarm
As I transfer old data, avoiding all harm

Anyway I forge ahead with this wondrous new toy
If you are a geek you would admire such a ploy
But I do hope this Mac containing such treasures
Will give faithful service and bring me much pleasure
Ken Fisher

The Schools’ Mid-term Holidays

The Schools’ Mid-term Holidays


The joy of our teachers, the scourge of the parents
These inconvenient breaks amidst each school term
Those well enough off will find this no challenge
For they will be jetting off towards the lure of the sun

But what about the rest of us not quite so well-heeled?
How do we cope with our offspring when there’s no-one
To take on the duty in loco parentis, to share in this task
of minding our own so that we may still work?

Well such a challenge demands great ingenuity
And perhaps not a little subterfuge or even guile
Neighbours and friends who may owe us a favour
But most likely grandparents find that love demands all

But even if we have managed to fill the great breach
And the homegrown ‘cavalry’ have answered the call
How will they amuse them and ensure that each one will
Survive the whole week and still smile through it all

Well a search on the websites might prove somewhat fruitful
As entrepreneurs have jumped on this chance
To maximize profit by flaunting their ‘solutions’
In carnival thrills or wild adventure challenges

Others have decided that the health of the nation
Would be much improved by athletic endeavour
Thus swimming, and skating, and climbing up walls
Present us with chances to risk body and souls

Fortunately the local councils are making some effort
By drawing us in to their manifold facilities
To educate and inform using special events
At libraries, sports centres, even the public parks

One thing is for certain, no matter what we do
To amuse and occupy these hours of enforced leisure
At cinema, science centre, historical site or museum
It will not come cheap in hard money or effort

However, the schools holiday break should still be a pleasure
We might even find time to build broken bridges
To bond with our loved ones throughout its duration
Yet our smiles might sometimes be through gritted teeth!
Ken Fisher





This ancient pile, whose history stretches back to 1132 AD
The sour fruit of a dispute among the Benedictines of York
Some 13 monks formed the basis of a new foundation who
Settled not far away on the River Skell, a tributary of the Ure

In due time the expelled monks applied to join the Cistercian order
Whose leader was St Bernard of Clairvaux Abbey in Burgandy
And under the tutelage of that order the community at Fountains
Learned how to celebrate the Canonical Hours and to construct their buildings

And so a succession of venerable abbots oversaw the building and
development of this community of worship and work and service
Which continued until 1539 when, as a result of the desecration
Instigated by Henry VIII the abbey lands were sold to a London merchant

Gradually the fabric of this magnificent site was cannibalized
So that eventually all that remained was the gaunt outline
Of this formerly glorious construction within whose walls
Praise and prayer and community life had persisted over four centuries

KEN FISHER (with info from other sources)