The Schools’ Mid-term Holidays

The Schools’ Mid-term Holidays


The joy of our teachers, the scourge of the parents
These inconvenient breaks amidst each school term
Those well enough off will find this no challenge
For they will be jetting off towards the lure of the sun

But what about the rest of us not quite so well-heeled?
How do we cope with our offspring when there’s no-one
To take on the duty in loco parentis, to share in this task
of minding our own so that we may still work?

Well such a challenge demands great ingenuity
And perhaps not a little subterfuge or even guile
Neighbours and friends who may owe us a favour
But most likely grandparents find that love demands all

But even if we have managed to fill the great breach
And the homegrown ‘cavalry’ have answered the call
How will they amuse them and ensure that each one will
Survive the whole week and still smile through it all

Well a search on the websites might prove somewhat fruitful
As entrepreneurs have jumped on this chance
To maximize profit by flaunting their ‘solutions’
In carnival thrills or wild adventure challenges

Others have decided that the health of the nation
Would be much improved by athletic endeavour
Thus swimming, and skating, and climbing up walls
Present us with chances to risk body and souls

Fortunately the local councils are making some effort
By drawing us in to their manifold facilities
To educate and inform using special events
At libraries, sports centres, even the public parks

One thing is for certain, no matter what we do
To amuse and occupy these hours of enforced leisure
At cinema, science centre, historical site or museum
It will not come cheap in hard money or effort

However, the schools holiday break should still be a pleasure
We might even find time to build broken bridges
To bond with our loved ones throughout its duration
Yet our smiles might sometimes be through gritted teeth!
Ken Fisher


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