Shrove Tuesday 2023

Shrove Tuesday 2013

What has been spoke 
Might well have been woke!


This is the day when we should confess all our sins
And thus duly shriven a new chapter begins
We must be open and honest in making confession
Pay our due penance and receive absolution

I fear that only those who are faithful and devout
Are willing and eager on their vices to speak out
After all, until recently, the sins of past days
Would hardly an eyebrow nowadays raise!

But that does not mean that a little reflection
Would make it clear we have not reached perfection
And taking the time to resolve to be better
Will not result in our pleasures being totally fettered

While on self-improvement we should contemplate
A little sweetener for all, we might advocate
And as Shrove Tuesday stands at the gate of Lent
We might find some feasting for fasting is quite convenient

So let’s have a party with pancakes galore
Bring out all the goodies we have in our store
Put deadly sins behind – except perhaps gluttony
And cover those pancakes with sweet oceans of honey

But in this age be careful of what is spoke
Lest all our proclamations my be classed as woke
Think carerfully of every word and every earnest sentence
While chewing on our pancakes there be no need for repentence!


Ken Fisher

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