Faith & Politics

Faith & Politics


Faith & Politics
Should faith be lived out in politics
Can both exist in harmony?
What if the moral principles
That faith dictates, conflict  with politic’s reality?

Faith sets out the behaviour for living by certain rules
Politics dictates the practical reality for everyday action
In the modern world we live by political systems
The historical fundamentals of these derived from ancient dictats

But what if such ancient scripture may seem no longer relevant?
However much they were appropriate to that day and generation
Society has moved on to meet the challenge of modernity
Thus the social mores of each succeeding generation steadily evolves

But are there some eternal principals that society must n’er discard?
No advance of science, nuance of mood or fashion
That supersedes those ancient fundaments
Demanding that modern politics establish new modes of living

Thus might it be said the Bible, Ancient Jewish Texts and the Koran
Each accepted by the faithful to be the word of God
Must not the believer ‘er discard this Holy Writ?
For the sophistication and compromise of politics?

Here is the current dilemma
Faith superseded by the world of modern life
Or a continuing battle for the soul
Adhering to the ancient rule or modern reality?

Ken Fisher


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