Divine Illumination

Divine Illumination

Stained Glass windows of Cologne Cathedral


Long before the age of computer graphics
Or even the gentle art of ‘lantern slides’
The stained glass windows of our great cathedrals
Shone their mellow light revealing God’s eternal truth

The stories of prophets and apostles
The deeds of patriarchs and Kings
The incarnation, life, death and resurrection
Of the Lord and Saviour of the world

Thus was revealed to simple souls
To whom the art of reading was yet unknown
The testimony contained within the Bible
From Pentateuch, through History and Poetry
The rebuke and chastisement of the prophets
As they sought to speak the truth to power

Then to the Gospels telling of the Nativity
The earthly pilgrimage of our Lord
His healing work and saving power
His trial and cruel death upon the cross
Towards the empty tomb
And His ascension from this world

Finally the writings of Paul, James, Peter and John
And then the Revelations

Each and all of these episodes in our Bible
Brought to life and given powerful impact
In the art and craft of stained glass
No more commanding testimony than this
As sunlight filters through projecting the Message
Not only to our eyes but piercing deep into our heart

Ken Fisher


Anniversary of Web-Site Launch

Anniversary of Web-Site Launch

The Bard Of Kelvindale


It’s time to celebrate because one long year has passed
Since the Bard of Kelvindale decided to broadcast
To an unsuspecting world his poetic compositions
Which was until that time an unfulfilled ambition

It all began with birthday rhymes for the family members
So that these festive days would not go unremembered
And then moved on to verses about the every day
Events that happen to us as we work or play

Writing of the poems themselves was not the only trial
To gain confidence in WordPress also took a while
The magic of this software needs seen to be believed
And even now my competence shows how little I’ve achieved

However, I did (word) press on and to spice up the mixture
I added to almost every post a captivating picture
From time to time I have changed the template that I used
I really hope that my readers have not thus been confused

You may have seen the scope of work is really quite extensive
And the range of themes is certainly not exclusive
The poems on the website can be searched by category
Each section highlighting a different kind of story

Some of you dear readers have sent comments oh so kind
If they had been different, I don’t think I’d really mind
The statistics seek to show how the Bard has performed
And these results ensure I am kept informed

So thanks to all you browsers who have duly sought me out
More than 750 individual ‘visitors’ managed to turn out
And altogether over 5,900 ‘views’ of my poems were seen
Not a bad achievement since first I hit their screen

I know that some of you might feel the rhyming style I use
Is somewhat contrived, sometimes even abused
The meaning might be lost just to complete a verse
Enslavement to rhymes can become a curse

I would accept that comment but ask you to forbear
Not all my rhymes are so contrived, you really must be fair
And many of the poems are blank verse or even verse that’s free
Take a closer look, a longer browse, and this you’ll surely see

As well as the poems themselves the site has other useful information
About myself, some life events, worthwhile communication
There are also links to other sites which might yet stimulate
Just click on these, as each is waiting to amuse or educate

So finally my friends thanks for your faithful dedication
I hope my writings have caused you no frustration
The flag at the top of my site claims ‘Poems to Stimulate the Mind’
And that was my intention when the blog was first designed

Ken Fisher

Shiny New Car

Shiny New Car



I should probably feel somewhat ashamed
But our latest possession I have to proclaim
We’ve traded in our old car in part-exchange
For a shiny new model – the top of the range

There was nothing amiss with the previous car
It traversed the country from near to quite far
And there was no visible defect that you could see
It’s just that it needed its first MOT!

So towards the car showroom I gravitated
And with the new model was so captivated
Reason was quickly thrown to the wind
And in no time at all on the line we had signed

By its soft leather seats I was easily beguiled
And the fact that they’re heated brought on a smile
There are parking sensors at the front and back
Should help me avoid an anxiety attack

There’s Sat-Nav equipment to keep you on track
A reversing camera when you have to go back
And the on-board entertainment you really must hear
CD Player, MP3 and the Radio is of course a DAB

The colour and trim are equally grand
Anything tacky has surely been banned
Altogether this motor has got to seen
It’s not just a car it’s a limousine

I hope you’re not jealous of my latest toy
I’ll give you a run in it that you’re bound to enjoy
And I’m sure that others will share in our pleasure
As we take to the high road with this new family treasure

Ken Fisher


Equinox [22nd September 2016]


[22nd September 2016]


This astronomical event occurs twice a year
When the plane of the Earth’s equator
Passes through the centre of the Sun
On this day the Sun shines directly on the equator
And day and night are approximately equal

Today is the Autumnal Equinox
And our minds look back to warm summer days
And forward, with some foreboding, to approaching winter
And we are happy to say, for now, not yet!

An Equinox is perhaps a good time to reflect
On all that has been good in life
To give thanks for many blessings
For holidays, and travel, and time for relaxation

As the tint of the leaves turns and they begin
To flutter down to form an ochre carpet
Like the lowering of a flag at the end of a parade
We realise that gradual change must come

But shortening days and lengthening nights
Need not bring somber thoughts
Or fears of nocturnal terrors
‘Cause winter brings its own special charms

Family gatherings round the ‘hearth’
Bonfires and fireworks displays
Trudging home through deepening snow
To celebrate Christmas with those we love

And so we acknowledge the endless
Progression of the calendar
Through equinox to solstice
And solstice to equinox,
And again
An unending gyration

Ken Fisher




Let the Train Take the Strain

Let the Train Take the Strain


Recently I found myself on a variety of trains for a prolonged
Rail journey through various European countries
It’s amazing how many organisations are now in the
Rail transport business.

Apart from UK providers like Virgin Trains (however did he chose that name?)
We have Eurostar, SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, Thales, Rail Jet to name but a few
There are Pendolino trains and ICE (Intercity Express) and Alstom high speed
In fact the options are almost infinite and no-one can complain of lack of choice
And I haven’t even mentioned the Orient Express!

But there is something romantic about travel by train, something
worth preserving despite the other options available to the traveller

So here is a little rhyme to capture that mood

Check the Departure Board to confirm the time
On the right platform, next to our line
Search for our coach number, in the right class
Seated passengers gaze back through the glass

Mount the steep ladder to enter the coach
Hoping that no-one has our space encroached
Remember we have booked a nice reserved seat
So we should not with others have to compete

Why is our seat number always at the wrong end?
As up the passage we haltingly wend
At last we have found it – it must be still free
A window seat with a view fills us with glee

Our luggage loaded neatly up onto the rack
The siren sounds, we feel movement of wheels on the track
We are off on our journey no matter where
And soon we forget all of our dull cares

Not long in our progress we feel need to refresh
And tasty snacks and drinks our pangs soon repress
Free newspapers are issued by one of their staff
Of course we get them ‘cause we travel first class!

As the miles disappear under the wheels
And the country and townscape to us are revealed
We thunder through stations as if out of control
Determined to reach our great journey’s goal

Eventually we arrive at the terminal station
In brief hours we have traversed across the nation
All this without effort if one travels by train
Cast aside all our woes – let the rails take the strain

Ken Fisher


Austrian Delights

Austrian Delights


Salzburg from the Hohensalzburg Fortress

As one who has never visited these parts before, Austria
provided an endless cascade of new images, new sensations,
new experiences, new stimulus to the eye, and for the ear.
Altogether a challenge to all the senses, a delight to the spirit

The nation nurtured the talents of Mozart and more than one Strauss
And two Gustavs each lived in a Viennese house
Mahler the composer and Klimt who painted ‘The Kiss’
Found in that city all they might wish

And we must not forget or sublimate to avoid
The great musings of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud
The Emperor Franz Joseph was a significant figure
But the Viennese disliked being ruled with such rigour

Not withstanding the importance of this capital city
To neglect all the rest would be rather a pity
The banks of the Danube yield treasures in store
In the Wachau valley Melk and Krems will help the wine pour

Without doubt a visit to Salzburg will bring great delight
Mozart was born there, its baroque buildings a wonderful sight
Stroll through its Mirabell Gardens, or to its high fortress ascend
From every invasion its walls could defend

But there is so much more to enjoy in this magical land
The lyrics of ‘The Sound of Music’ are always at hand
In that enchanting tale which the world captivated
It seems the real charm of Austria is encapsulated

Ken Fisher


The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

Religion without Dogma

Religion without Dogma



What is religion without dogma? Can one exist without the other?
What are each of these anyway?
Religion – a particular system of faith and worship
Dogma – a principle laid down by authority as being true

Perhaps these definitions all too brief and inconclusive.

What is religion if it is stripped of its dogmatic claims?
What is dogma without being legitimized by religious vestments?
What is religion deprived of its dogmatic fundamentals?
What is dogma without the Church which affords its mouthpiece?
What is religion without its doctrines, teaching, and theology?
What is dogma let loose of the teaching of the churches?

When I first heard this phrase Religion without Dogma I was intrigued as to what the speaker meant.

I think the claim may be that religion would be freed by the divesting itself of dogma, which however true when it was promulgated, no longer speaks to humankind in the world of today.

But where does that leave the rather dogmatic assertion that there is such a thing as Eternal Truth – a concept at the heart of many religions?

[Of course Dogmatic statements are applied widely outside the realm of religion]



Ken Fisher

The Tomato

The Tomato

[An edible fruit which belongs to the Nightshade family]




You may have noticed my most recent verse
Might make you think I am obsessed
By nature’s gifts of veg and fruit
God’s contribution to our good

Poems of praise of apple and carrot
And unless tomatoes be forgot
Cast your eyes upon this bowl
As these glorious reds I now extol

I am told their family is nightshade
But there is no need to be afraid
These tomatoes are not the deadly kind
And they should never be maligned

So simply admire their visual charms
And far from causing any harm
Your taste buds will soon know the measure
Of a crop that brings you such great pleasure

Ken Fisher