Shiny New Car

Shiny New Car



I should probably feel somewhat ashamed
But our latest possession I have to proclaim
We’ve traded in our old car in part-exchange
For a shiny new model – the top of the range

There was nothing amiss with the previous car
It traversed the country from near to quite far
And there was no visible defect that you could see
It’s just that it needed its first MOT!

So towards the car showroom I gravitated
And with the new model was so captivated
Reason was quickly thrown to the wind
And in no time at all on the line we had signed

By its soft leather seats I was easily beguiled
And the fact that they’re heated brought on a smile
There are parking sensors at the front and back
Should help me avoid an anxiety attack

There’s Sat-Nav equipment to keep you on track
A reversing camera when you have to go back
And the on-board entertainment you really must hear
CD Player, MP3 and the Radio is of course a DAB

The colour and trim are equally grand
Anything tacky has surely been banned
Altogether this motor has got to seen
It’s not just a car it’s a limousine

I hope you’re not jealous of my latest toy
I’ll give you a run in it that you’re bound to enjoy
And I’m sure that others will share in our pleasure
As we take to the high road with this new family treasure

Ken Fisher


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