Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

The life of the mind is two-dimensional
On the past, reflecting back
On the future, exploring forward
Memories and speculation

The past, cavalcade of images
From childhood to old age
The future, a shorter focus
From to-day until when? Who knows?

Past reflections, echoes of joy
Interwoven with times of trial
The future? The past no guarantee
Of what may yet lie ahead!

The past cannot be undone
For good or ill, the record stands
The future waits to be explored
Fearfully unpredictable, not without hope

The past is gone, the future not yet
The only reality – the present
Savour every instant
Turn them to good account

Thus each moment adds to history
Together with past and future
Penning the script of

Ken Fisher

Spring Equinox 2022

Spring Equinox 2022


Equinoxes occur twice a year
When the plane of the Earth’s equator
Passes through the centre of the Sun
On this day the Sun shines directly on the equator
And day and night are approximately equal

Now is this year’s Spring Equinox
And our minds look forward to warmer days
And backwards, with gratitude for the receding of winter
We are filled with hope for the months ahead

An Equinox is perhaps an appropriate time to reflect
On all that has been good in life
To give thanks for its many blessings
For health and shelter and for companionship

As the buds form on the trees and plants sprout
Carpeting the land which has lain barren for long
We look forward in anticipation to burgeoning life
In field and tree, in gardens and on hillside

And these days of longer daylight hours
Afford us the chance to escape from our winter burrows
And breathe the more expansive air of the world outside
As our horizons are lifted to a wider vision

Last year we were in the throes of the Virus
And even one further year on
Its threat has by no means disappeared
In many ways fears of Covid have been superseded
By threats to world peace
But let us not despair
May the brightening of the light
Be matched by a lifting of our spirits
And hopes, that despite present gloom,
Happier days are yet to come

Ken Fisher




What can be said
When so many are dead
Cityscape laid bare
To our horrified stare

All our words fail
Amidst such travail
Souls under siege
Unuttered rage

Save the rumbling of shells
Midst Ukraine’s living hell
Whence might come release?
From dictator’s caprice

Mute blessings craved
When no longer depraved
Peace be restored
Ne’er justice ignored

Ken Fisher


Another angle on Silence:The Sound of Silence

Breaking News

Breaking News

Breaking News
Two words we don’t want to hear
But cannot ignore

What now? We wonder
Are we not already punch-drunk
With the latest tidings
Of disaster, tragedy and death

Breaking News
Here we go again
As the little siren caption
Runs along the TV screen

Demanding our immediate attention
To some gut-wrenching catastrophe
Another addition to the stockpile
Of the world’s tribulations

Breaking News
Don’t they know we have enough
Trouble just coping with daily life?
It’s not that we just don’t care
We do – but how?

Breaking News
Perhaps the media moguls
Should be forced to ensure
There’s some good news too
Breaking News that won’t
Break our hearts

Ken Fisher

See also my poem: Unfettered Catastrophising

Still In Limbo

Still in Limbo

Apparently Limbo is the very edge of Hell
And that’s our world’s new perch
Hovering o’er that deep abyss
As for peace so many search

As weapons clash and innocents are slaughtered
The sound of warfare continues unabated
Who will bring peace, end all this strife?
The conquering lust be sated

Each new day we wait for news
That peace might be restored
Pray that weapons be laid down
But justice ne’er ignored

And so in Limbo we still wait
Amidst lives and homes laid waste
The trappings of our civil world
Shattered and debased

Ken Fisher

Don’t You Wish It Wasn’t Happening?

Don’t You Wish It Wasn’t Happening?


Don’t you wish it wasn’t happening?
That somehow it’d go away
The not-so distant noise of battle
We wake up to each new day

Switch off the media
We’ve heard quite enough of that
The sound of gun-touting soldiers
Drowns out the diplomat

We stand on the sidelines
Impotent to save
Gazing at the newsreels
As innocents face the grave

Don’t you wish it wasn’t happening?
Can we turn back the clock?
Renew the uneasy peace
The shelter of deadlock

Of course we wish it wasn’t happening
But we are now where we are
A desperate prayer for peace with justice
Ere all mankind has gone too far

Ken Fisher