What Makes a Poem a Poem? A Celebration of Poetic Progress

What makes a Poem a Poem? A celebration of 7,138 individual viewers and over 29,729 views (hits) on my site since September 2015

Poetic Progress

 Forgive me if these verses seem self-indulgent
I fear that may indeed become your judgment
But I simply felt the need to cry out loud
Some statistics of which I am proud

Since starting my poetic blog five years ago
I have attempted to let my writing genie flow
I make no claim to any special skill
And doubt that often my verses thrill

But I am grateful to all who have clicked on my site
And thus bring to this scribe a ray of light
And as the figures began slowly to accumulate
Such encouragement I truly did appreciate

If you have followed me over some time past
I hope my rhyming style does not leave you downcast
Most of the verses employ regular rhymes
But variants apply from time to time

I have also adorned my poems with illustrations
Perhaps these provide a little stimulation
To the senses as the words and images combine
The final effect perhaps less anodyne

So to conclude, my reason for this celebration
Is that after five years since launching my work on the nation
More than 6,600 different persons have browsed my 764 concoctions
And 27,700 times the website may have stirred someone’s emotions

Ken Fisher

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