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Ken Fisher – The Bard of Kelvindale

I am Ken Fisher, a retired further education lecturer and Depute Principal.  After working for 10 years in the Scottish steel industry I changed career becoming a lecturer in Business Studies (and related subjects) in various colleges in the Glasgow Area.  My career progressed from lecturer, senior lecturer, Head of Department, and eventually Depute Principal of a large college.

My interest in poetry goes back a number of years when I first resorted to simple verses to mark birthdays etc. of family members. In latter years I have composed poems on a wide range of subjects.  Sometimes an idea stems from something I have read or heard in the media or at lectures or Church services, the theatre or discussion groups etc.  Sometimes the subjects are topical but not always.

I have an interest in philosophy, psychology, theology, astronomy and cosmology, and also in current affairs including politics and social science.  However I am no expert in any of these.

I am a member of Hillhead Baptist Church, Glasgow,  The Astronomical Society of Glasgow,  The Western Baths Club, a member (and Past-President) of Kelvin Probus Club. For over 30 years I have walked each month with the (now) West End Christian Walking Club.  [see various links below]

I hope you might enjoy the poems.  You can access them via the various panels in the sidebar to the website. I realise that my poems may seem somewhat unsophisticated, using straightforward language and perhaps lacking obscure references or complex analogies but I have tried to capture in my words and verses the essence of many everyday issues, phenomena and ideas which strike me as significant from time to time in our daily living.  Anyway that is for you to judge – have a browse – it costs nothing but time!

I have added pictures to accompany most of the poems which may help to focus your thoughts on the subject.

I will be happy to receive any comments – kindly or otherwise!

Ken Fisher


Wedding 23 Aug 1966                      Golden Wedding 23 Aug 2016


Another Anniversary!    This week of September 2017 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the launch of this Web-site – the Bard of Kelvindale. Since 2015 over 1,400 individuals have accessed my website and the number of visit/hits is now well over 8,500


In February 2017 I published my 200th Poem on the web.   Read it NOW

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