Right now I find myself in Limbo
Not the Limbo of Roman Catholic Theology
Which is a kind of anti-room to heaven
Where the souls of the un-baptised reside

No, my Limbo is a sort of waiting area
Where, having undergone major surgery
I now wait, hoping for steady recovery
But conscious of an uncertain future

Other medical procedures are scheduled
Each with its own hazards and humiliations
And in Limbo I find myself in greater dependence
On those who so unselfishly tend my fragile frame

Is there a problem with Limbo?
Is uncertainty not to be tolerated?
Well, the answer is – there is no choice
Limbo is a place of waiting – it can be no other

So all I ask is that you bear with me
As I know you have already
Decisive action is not the current mode
Patient reflection the better part

Ken Fisher

2 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. I love this. The limbo experience is a lifelong one – and I don’t mean bending backward under a long pole, although it can feel like that! One can either meet the limbo with anxiety or embrace. We chess players are programmed to choose ’embrace’. Long story – hopefully to be explored on a Scotland walk *smile*. Spense and I send lots of love from The Bahamas to you and yours. Love this poem!


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