Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew

Today we celebrate the Apostle Saint Andrew
Patron saint of fishermen, Scotland, and Russia
Brother of Simon Peter, and one of the first to be called
He in turn brought people to Jesus, not least the lad with the loaves and fishes

From Andrew we have an example of willingness to serve others
Today we might say he was a people person
In Scotland he is fondly remembered and his day celebrated
Not merely by nationalists for the saltire cross but by all who would give of themselves for the good of others

Ken Fisher


Now You’re Asking

Now You’re Asking
Questions, Questions, Endless Questions!

From infant days to venerable age
Life emulates a question mark
Who can explain, or justify
Or change our view to light from dark?

The tiny tot who’s learned to talk
Asks Why? perpetually
Won’t be turned off till we explain
Our answer truthfully

Throughout our schooling
Endless questions tax our brain
Knowledge ranges far and wide
From common to arcane

Then as we progress to learning
Of an even higher order
Questions turning more obscure
Might our peace disorder

In the world of work
Questions never ending
What choice to make, what problem solve?
Dilemmas never-ending

In social life we can’t escape
The questions that arise
To wed or not, or fly solo
With whom to fraternize

And so it goes, throughout our life
With questions we’re lambasted
In politics, religion, science or art
We can be flabbergasted!

Questions can sometimes be used
As  weapons against others
Journalists, lawyers, inquisitors, even
To their offending offspring, by their mother

It appears that none of us
Can dodge being interrogated
To supply the answers each of us
Feels duly obligated

So there we are throughout our life
We respond “now you’re asking”
When confronted by a tough query
Our ignorance we are masking

Ken Fisher

End of an Era, Start of the New

End of an Era, Start of the New

Pomp, pageant, precedent
The march of time could not prevent
Shock at the loss of our dear Queen
The hour not readily foreseen

Suddenly the Queen is gone
Young and old left quite forlorn
Hard to accept she is no more
That presence that most adore

One era ends, begins the new
The succession follows through
King Charles in time duly anointed
As to sovereign’s role appointed

Give thanks for blessings of the past
May the new King still hold fast
To the glory of his mother’s reign
Thus her nobility attain

Ken Fisher


Take Me To Your Leader

Take Me To Your Leader

Today we have been taken to the new leader
Of the Tory members throughout our land
The chosen one by their due process
The new PM, the Cabinet at her command

Liz Truss raised to this high office
All the burdens of the State
The outcome of her decisions
May determine the voters’ fate

A nation in an hour of crisis
Warfare, covid, energy, inflation
No need to look far for trouble
Endless woes in aggregation

Opinions differ there is no doubt
No matter what our views political
We would surely wish for success
In facing manifold issues critical

As Her Majesty duly ‘kisses hands’
And as Liz receives the keys to Number 10
We ne’er would grudge success in her endeavours
May our thoughts be of blessing
Swift to praise, slow to condemn

Ken Fisher




Honest Doubt

Honest Doubt


A thought:
“RELIGION: Men despise religion, they hate it, and fear
that is is true”  BLAISE PASCAL [1623-1662]

Would that belief with all the heart
That faith would take the major part
No doubts evoke that it be fiction
Grim spectre of contradiction

Why should faith be so elusive?
At times conviction quite conclusive
At others, of any certainty devoid
Credence rarely unalloyed

Ambivalence yielding only anguish
In this tension the soul languish
Faith and doubt in opposition
Need hope in salvation avert perdition?

For those whose trust is resolute
Brook no questions, no dispute
Their creed for them is all sufficient
Safe with their loving God omniscient

Yet who would deem it cynicism
When intelligent scepticism
Decides it be a precondition
To weigh in the balance propositions

Study of God’s word the resolution?
Or merely leads to obfuscation
Religion ‘lite’ a better course
Freed from the wrath of sinner’s curse

And what of those of frail conviction
Beset by doubt and  contradiction?
For them, faith a prize not quite yet earned
Still in their heart wistfully yearned



Ken Fisher

Venerated Ruins

Venerated Ruins

The Scottish Borders Abbeys
Melrose, Dryburgh, Kelso, Jedburgh

Dryburgh Abbey 



Kelso Abbey

Serene in these ancient kirkyards
The ruins lie at rest
Testimony to their illustrious past
Historians will know best

Founded in the 12th Century
In King David’s reign
Scotland’s southern monasteries
Through all chance and change
Their mission was the same

Perpetual prayer and supplication
The Chapter and the Rule’s command
Hours of silence, simple tasks
The discipline demands

Despite the pursuit of such peace
The sanctuary oft disrupted
Warring factions, Border reives
Plunder and pillage their service interrupted

And now in modern times the silence reigns
Historic testimony their only proclamation
Mere venerated ruins with muted voice
Unheeded by our post-Christian nation

Ken Fisher





The enigmatic pose
The impassive mind
The unknowable thoughts
The unfathomable depths
The impenetrable meaning
The inexplicable understanding
The unexpressive serenity

All these attributes
Displayed in one small (rather portly) frame

No warfare with the world
No conflict with oneself
No striving to achieve
No quest for success
No hiding from reality
No hostility to others
No internecine strife

Only peace and harmony
In a mind at ease

Ken Fisher

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Political Beauty Parade Now Reduced to Two

Political Beauty Parade Now Reduced to Two

It’s now a head-to-head between Rishi and Liz
For whom will the Tories crack open the fizz?
Between now and then the contest will rage
As each the other will try to upstage

The heat of this summer is quite enough
Without all this needless point scoring stuff
So let’s hope the contenders behave in a civilised way
Not treat their rival as a dragon to slay

The Tory members have got the power in their hands
The appointment of Leader and PM is at their command
So let wisdom direct their considered choice
That on 5th of September will the nation rejoice

Ken Fisher

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Political Beauty Parade

Political Beauty Parade

The contest to fill the post of PM
Has produced a formidable list of contenders
Each determined to prove their own peerless merit
Of their great track record worthy defenders

Their talents rehearsed like a beauty parade
Even exceeding the charms of the present incumbent
Hoping to gain the Number 10 keys
As soon as Boris can be ousted redundant

It is a pity to watch the emerging signs of
Past peccadillos revealed while digging the dirt
Who knows the truth of these unworthy disclosures
As long as your rivals it will assuredly hurt

Each of the entrants in this beauty parade
Displaying their talents to best effect
Promises almost matching utopia
A perfect future devoid of defect

All I can say is may the best contender win
Let’s hope that victory will bring its reward
And when the contest is eventually over
Internecine strife replaced by accord

Ken Fisher

[Picture from Sky News]


The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

On the ocean of this world’s affairs
The ship of state near overwhelmed
Politics in deep travail
The creaking barque all but unhelmed

Wherein lies the problem that so besets
The government of our nation?
Could it be the captain bold
The source of all frustration?

Not just the ship but truth itself
All but lost at sea
From deceit, duplicity and denial
Pray set this vessel free

The master quite unwilling e’r to drown
Resolved his crew to outflank
Holds the wheel with iron grip
Nor will he walk that plank

Some of the crew driven by integrity
Jump ship guided by morality
The captain with the motley residue
Held firm in their venality

The ship sails on in stormy waters
Its destination quite unsure
The world looks on incredulous
At this political grand tour

Ken Fisher


Almost Buggered It Up

Almost Buggered It Up
[A sequel to my earlier poem Don’t Bugger It Up]

Boris wins the Vote of Confidence 6/6/22

It couldn’t last is what they said
But Boris proved them wrong
It’s not yet quite buggered up
Is his triumphant song

You thought Houdini was pretty fly
The famous escapologist
But Boris surely proved to be
The smartest self-apologist

In Biblical times it was Lazarus
Rising miraculously from the grave
But our blonde hero showed his worth
Fleeing from that narrow shave

He lives to fight another day
Defeating every rival
Who cares what anybody thinks?
No threat to his survival

So love or hate we’re stuck with him
He’ll bask in unending limelight
And we’ll just have suffer it
For the last thing Boris is, is contrite

Ken Fisher
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Don’t Bugger It Up!

Don’t Bugger It Up!

Don’t Bugger It Up!

It’s a rather modest ambition
That when you’ve gained a new position
A job with more responsibility
At the limits of your ability

And imposter syndrome a nagging thought
Makes the situation fraught
Perhaps the least that you can hope
No matter what, you’ll learn to cope

You need a little self- belief
Optimism brings relief
Ignore those who would regale
With dire warnings how one can fail

Apparently top politicians
Churchill and Boris, with great ambition
Drank a toast using these words
“Don’t Bugger it Up” their resolution!

It is for you to judge if they succeeded

Ken Fisher