The Massive Indifference of the Universe

The Massive Indifference of the Universe

One of Thomas Carlyle’s characters describes a
“Universe…..Void of all life, of Purpose, of Volition,
Even of Hostility………”

Have you ever thought whether the Universe cares
about us, or is massively indifferent to our plight
and predicament?

Of course you might respond by saying that
most of the time most of us humans
seem to be totally indifferent of the Universe

We might vaguely realise that here we exist on one
tiny planet, a satellite of our star the Sun, set within
our Galaxy the Milky Way whirling round within the
infinite void of space. But so what?

It seems to me that the issue of Indifference
is a human response. It signifies a lack of concern
or sympathy

Yet humans have indeed shown much interest in
the Universe – particularly through scientific
exploration or philosophical and
even theological musings
but have we noticed any reciprocal speculation
from the void?

So humans may not be totally indifferent but is
The Universe?

I suppose this matter of Indifference or concern
might be related to whether there is any Purpose
in the Universe. Why was it created [if indeed it
was actually created] and what is it for?

It seems to me that it is Humankind [in however limited
a way] which has taken the intiative to make sense
of what the cosmos is all about, and as a result
of such hypothesising has begun to wonder
what’s the point? Are we the only ones that care?

But humans don’t give up hope.


Ken Fisher



Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday

On Thursday of that Holy Week
The Saviour washed disciples feet
In humility we might imitate
His divine example replicate

Love one another His command
Responding to their outstretched hand
Turn not away what e’er the need
With listening ear the stranger heed

On Maundy Thursday the sovereign’s gift
May loyal subjects’ souls uplift
That they in turn show their compassion
In kindly deeds in similar fashion

On Holy Thursday the commemoration
Of our Lord’s supper the foundation
Henceforth recall His life and sacrifice
For human sin He paid the price

Ken Fisher

Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

The life of the mind is two-dimensional
On the past, reflecting back
On the future, exploring forward
Memories and speculation

The past, cavalcade of images
From childhood to old age
The future, a shorter focus
From to-day until when? Who knows?

Past reflections, echoes of joy
Interwoven with times of trial
The future? The past no guarantee
Of what may yet lie ahead!

The past cannot be undone
For good or ill, the record stands
The future waits to be explored
Fearfully unpredictable, not without hope

The past is gone, the future not yet
The only reality – the present
Savour every instant
Turn them to good account

Thus each moment adds to history
Together with past and future
Penning the script of

Ken Fisher

The Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball


The wrecking ball has struck our lives again
‘Midst cherished hopes of a world at peace
Invasion on Europe’s eastern flanks
From tyranny a prayer for release

The wrecking ball swung with relentless force
Who can this weighty pendulum  resist?
Appeals to reason or appeasement unavail
Might and justice fail to coexist

Will this wrecking ball sound the death knell
Of post war tenuous years of truce?
A renewed Cold War the best we can expect?
Living precariously with this new truth

Ken Fisher


Keep the Heid and Haud Yer Wheesht

Keep the Heid and Haud Yer Wheesht

When by world events you’re overwhelmed
By screaming kids you’re round the bend
Inside, you’re begging ‘gie me peace’
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When you’re caught up in argy-bargy
Any concession rather tardy
No forgiveness not the least
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When all around is gloom and doom
For happy thoughts there seems no room
Inside you’re pleading for release
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When politicians shout and squabble
TV debates become a rabble
With little light and too much heat
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

When ranting preachers point the finger
Our pleasures they would surely hinder
From protestation be released
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

With all that would our lives disturb
Knee-jerk reactions we should curb
A moment’s thought might tame the beast
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

Such approach no cowardly plea
Perhaps more a pause to wait and see
E’er retaliation is unleashed
Just keep the heid and haud yer wheesht

Ken Fisher






By Nature and By Grace

By Nature and By Grace


From whence cometh what we are?
By nature or by grace
The formation of this earthly life
Mysterious to trace

Some claim nature the defining force
Others cling to nurture
Might grace have any part to play?
Enquires the pious searcher

Nature dictates the frame we have
Nurture moulds behaviour
But grace invokes a higher power
Gratis from our Saviour

Most accept the role that’s played
Nature and nurture enshrined
Perhaps ideal is manifest
As those with grace combine

Ken Fisher

Post Truth Society 2022

Post Truth Society – 2022

It has been claimed
That truth has gone
The victim of modern living
It no longer matters
What we say
The world will be forgiving

But not just in words
In actions too
In every task that we should do
With ease, who cares
We simply bluff
Our way right through

When truth takes flight
And fiction rules
No-one knows what to believe
No longer sure
Of falsity or verity
Duplicity shaped to deceive

If truth is only relative
Dependent on the context
How then define propriety?
Fake news, white lies
Flights of fancy, the currency of
Our post truth society

And right now in politics
Where porky pies abound
Virtue stands deflowered
As leaders breach their rules
Governance devoid of truth
And we ask, by what power?

Ken Fisher




While contemplating my Anti-Fog Lens Cloth
[Which has been extremely effective in the pandemic]
Thoughts arose as to what else might need demystifying
How might I achieve a clearer vision and sharper focus?

Here are just a few Big Ideas which need demystifying for us
The lay public realise we should understand these concepts
But often don’t, and even more often
Are untroubled by our ignorance!

Can you lift the veil on these mysteries?

General Relativity, Particle Physics, DNA
In Cosmology what part does Dark Energy play?
In Theology what do they mean by mankind’s Salvation
Or can you describe what Darwin meant by Evolution

Who can explain about Quantum Mechanics?
Whose recondite concepts put us in a panic
Angular Momentum, Magnetic Moment and Spin
Of this abstruse science Uncertainty is a lynchpin

Chemistry is rich in quite obscure mystery
Although it can even be foggy in Medieval History
Who knows the detail of what’s Organic or Analytical
Or were plagues in the Dark Ages equally critical?

For almost all of us the realm of Mathematics
Is a challenge for even those who are quite pragmatic
With simple Arithmetic or Geometry we might even cope
But with Trigonometry and Algebra we quickly lose hope

In philosophy things can really blow your mind
Agonising over Ethics and Metaphysics, ideas of that kind
What did Kant mean by the Categorical Imperative
Or Paul Feyerabend who mused on ideas that are Relative?

Then there’s Art and Dance and classical Sculpture
Orchestral Music, Opera, all part of our culture
Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Realism
Conceptual, Figurative, and even Abstractionism

And so we could go on across the whole realm of knowledge
Subjects and specialisms we would have to acknowledge
Thank goodness for Wiki who comes to our aid
And despite any defects earns our accolade

Ken Fisher


Mickey Mouse Degree

Mickey Mouse Degree


The Government is now showing concern
That taking certain degrees won’t help you to earn
Mickey Mouse is the label they give to these courses
And they may decide to cut their resources

In expanding their range some Unis were rash
Concocting degrees that for them brought in cash
But for their students this proved a rather poor bet
Leaving them up to their eyeballs in debt

The problem for students is they need take out loans
For something much less worthy than buying a home
And when it comes to repayment from the little they earn
They discover any job yields too low a return

But this doesn’t hurt the student right then
They don’t start to repay until as and when
They are earning enough to refund the State
Who find the debt burden an increasing weight

Mickey Mouse degrees are often in music or arts and design
Although social sciences rarely yield a goldmine
But that’s not to say these degrees should be trashed
Many persevere with them quite unabashed

Of course student debt grows greater each year
And to pay it off you need a career
To do this you want a good qualification
Accounting, law or computing helps you even more than the nation

Medicine, science and engineering might yield a return
Creative arts and media studies perhaps one should spurn
But if the best choice is to do something vocational
Take college training linked to trades occupational

And what of degrees in subjects traditional?
Your acceptance of these might be provisional
Geography, history, economics, even theology
As much Mickey Mouse as a course in astrology!

The problem suggesting it’s a trivial degree
Is to imply it’s of little use to you or to me
But many such degrees are quite life-enhancing
And their value is more than just their financing

So let’s not of Mickey Mouse be too pejorative
Such courses of study might start as explorative
But for the diligent student they can open the door
To lifelong learning promising so very much more

Ken Fisher



Time to Move On

Time to Move On

When Governments and people are knee-deep in trouble
And somehow they hope to escape but still struggle
They pretend the matter is now all but gone
And insist that this is the time to move on

But of course that is really just camouflage
The real facts they are simply trying to massage
They hope our outrage to quickly avert
And by some other issue our eyes to divert

Our concentration they would not want to prolong
Insisting as always that they’ve done nothing wrong
They try to point out something else that’s distracting
And they declare we are just over-reacting

In this present hour the powers that be
Want us to ignore that they’ve been on a spree
Partying and revelling in jollification
At times out of tune with the rest of the nation

It seems this time they have misjudged the mood
Their inappropriate antics did them no good
They really must now show some genuine contrition
If for their sins they might seek remission

Time to move on may be all well and good
No doubt they’d hope that they really could
But in the meantime they must try to show more respect
To restore a reputation they so wilfully wrecked

Ken Fisher



God Surprises Earth With Heaven – (2021)

God Surprises Earth with Heaven

God comes in a surprising way
As we awake on Christmas Day
He comes the gift we don’t expect
No more commanding our respect
We’ve grown world weary, cynical
Incredulous of any miracle
How can the gift of the Christ Child
Make God and man be reconciled?
Only in humble trust and expectation
For pride and conceit make expiation
Grasp the hand from God above
Here below, show forth his love
Thus heaven surprises here on earth
Confounded by an infant’s birth

Ken Fisher