Now You’re Asking

Now You’re Asking
Questions, Questions, Endless Questions!

From infant days to venerable age
Life emulates a question mark
Who can explain, or justify
Or change our view to light from dark?

The tiny tot who’s learned to talk
Asks Why? perpetually
Won’t be turned off till we explain
Our answer truthfully

Throughout our schooling
Endless questions tax our brain
Knowledge ranges far and wide
From common to arcane

Then as we progress to learning
Of an even higher order
Questions turning more obscure
Might our peace disorder

In the world of work
Questions never ending
What choice to make, what problem solve?
Dilemmas never-ending

In social life we can’t escape
The questions that arise
To wed or not, or fly solo
With whom to fraternize

And so it goes, throughout our life
With questions we’re lambasted
In politics, religion, science or art
We can be flabbergasted!

Questions can sometimes be used
As  weapons against others
Journalists, lawyers, inquisitors, even
To their offending offspring, by their mother

It appears that none of us
Can dodge being interrogated
To supply the answers each of us
Feels duly obligated

So there we are throughout our life
We respond “now you’re asking”
When confronted by a tough query
Our ignorance we are masking

Ken Fisher

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