Stretching upwards to the light

Radiant colours ever bright

Their poker flowers of tapered shape

Our attention can’t escape


Lupinus is its proper name

This legume should enjoy much fame

Not only employed for decoration

Useful food for many a nation


Its seeds are sometimes used in cooking

If protein and fibre we are seeking

Low in starch and gluten free

Promoting health you must agree


Lupins used in agriculture

And even more in horticulture

Cattle by this plant are fed

Its blossoms brighten garden beds


So don’t o’erlook the humble flower

Whose colours beautify the hour

Give it a place in your display

It’s sure to illume every day


Ken Fisher

Teflon Or Velcro

Teflon Or Velcro

Human personalities vary to a great degree

To describe them all is really beyond me

But a shrewd observer has summed it in one phrase

Are we Teflon or Velcro in the manner that we faze?

If life’s problems and trials simply bounce off our back

If everyday irritations don’t turn our mood to black

Then we’re more like Teflon that can easily repel

And cast aside the issues that would our peace dispel

On the other hand some of us simply can’t let things go

More like Velcro sticking to each new found woe

Every change and chance in life’s daily grind

Ensnares us with chains that forever bind

But perhaps these labels are really far too neat

The Velcro types do not always taste defeat

Teflon champions cannot always win the day

‘Cause life isn’t black or white, it’s often rather grey

So what can we learn from these categorisations

What principle of action, what useful application?

Teflon and Velcro, both useful innovations

But of personality, not the complete summation

We each are born with characteristics quite unique

Some bold and confident, others shy and rather meek

So we must work with what we’ve got and try to do our best

And trade-mark role models should not be the only test

So thank you Teflon, you’ve shown us to resist

Testing times and challenges that seem still to persist

And Velcro, you’ve warned us not to let all things stick

And perhaps to grow a hide that’s just a little thick

But in the end, no matter what may come

Full of excitement or even quite hum drum

Help us in all things to steer the middle course

Whether Teflon our Velcro remains the guiding force

Ken Fisher

Make A Difference

Make A Difference

Looking out at this enormous world so vast

Seven point two billion bodies and rising by the hour

Problems facing every nation and each single soul

Economic challenge, climate change and poverty unbound

Pollution, epidemics, religious wars and internecine strife

Discrimination, corruption, flood, famine and disease

Is there no end to this long litany of woes?

And much of this distress caused by our own ungracious hearts

Our selfishness and greed shouts down all pleadings

Of those who find themselves on the wrong side

Of the health and prosperity divide that cleaves our world

The rich nations determined to secure their gain

Turn an eye that’s blind an ear that’s deaf

To that which they refuse to recognize

So what’s the point, can one benighted soul

Make any difference in the face of such distress?

Better simply to bury one’s head and conclude that

Amidst such overwhelming angst

The safer course, all simply to ignore

Maintain one’s own composure

and let the rest go hang!

But some inner voice, perhaps an echo of the past

Cannot let us rest content without response

Surely one tiny candle can help dispel the dark

If we cannot cure the world’s great ills

Perhaps a loving act, a kindly word

Might bring relief to those around

A blessing to our kin and to our neighbour

And just as the mustard seed can burgeon

If cultivated and garnered by creative hands

So too might each of us become the catalyst

In the alchemy of re-creation

Which in due time might yield regeneration

Beyond all our modest yearnings and our hopes

So what is needed is simply the determination

To take that first step along the road of hope

And by our own unswerving resolution

To become the force that initiates new life

And as we fix our eyes on the horizon

Our puny efforts might yet gain momentum

That difference surely in due time thus manifest

Ken Fisher

Dream Car

Dream Car

When old enough, my best dream by far

Is to have my own sports car

The feel of soft heated seats

Is something that you canny beat!

I press my foot hard down on the pedal

My hand on the gearstick all leather and metal

I release the brake and off I shoot

I hope that I have closed the boot

The open road in front of me

Attracted by all that I can see

This is the life that I hope to pursue

Pity it’s just a dream the noo!

Ollie Fisher

Ghostly Moon

Ghostly Moon


Suspended in the sky

Spectral adumbration

Éminence grise

In a haze opaque

Rendered faintly menacing

Motives indeterminate

Rebellious against the lens

That tracks a sharper focus

Like our own observations

Of the world around

Yielding no clear image

To direct our aims,

Or purposes, or outcomes

Impenetrable mist obscures

The way ahead

Left to trust our intuition

Ken Fisher

Our Nearest Neighbour

Our Nearest Neighbour


Our nearest neighbour under the celestial sphere

That dome peppered by an infinite number of stars

The moon, only satellite of mother earth

Its familiar phases mark its monthly cycle

From Crescent through Gibbous then to Full

And back again to another New moon

Our faithful companion in the sky

Its surface pockmarked by craters

The remains of collisions with

Asteroids, comets and meteorites

Three million years ago the biggest impacts

Caused the ‘seas’ Mare Serenitatis

Mare Tranquillitas, Mare Vaporum

And many more

This ghostly sphere has delighted our telescopes

Since the day of Galileo Galilei

Ken Fisher

Upper Glass

Upper Glass



Glasgow’s challenge to the Crystal Palace!

A reclining lion stretched out across the grass

This vitreous behemoth providing warm sanctuary

To subjects of that great kingdom of all plants

That ranges far and wide across the earth


The prime attraction within our Botanic Gardens

This 19th Century wrought iron framed glasshouse

From an earlier life in Coulport on the Clyde

In 1873 the Kibble was re-born in our dear city

With yet another reincarnation in this 21st Century


In the year of 2006 bathed in sparkling glory

Once more to welcome all beguiled by its charms

Historic rallying point to politicians and evangelists

No lesser names than Gladstone, Disraeli and Sankey

Had there regaled their listeners with promised joy


And still today the Kibble promises delight

To earnest horticulturists and baby-minders

Who seek out refuge among its ferny groves

And find stimulus or rest according to their need

An experience they find is truly Upper Glass!


Ken Fisher

The Nature Of Reality

The Nature Of Reality



Isn’t it enough that things are as they are?

But do we really know what we mean by “are”

The world we claim to know is that which we perceive

But we realise that our senses might easily deceive


Cosmologists claim the Big Bang was the start

Of all that followed on, it was the very heart

Our universe began from that fireball’s brilliant shine

This primordial event began all things in space-time


Through 13.7 billion years that blast outwards extended

The cosmic soup swirled as dust and gas were blended

Eventually the stars formed and in galaxies they ranged

That explosion kept in check by gravitation’s force unchanged


And now we scan the celestial sphere to understand what’s real

We apprehend the Baryonic stuff, the rest is quite surreal

Dark Matter and Dark Energy theoretically essential

And with their help this explanation might yet have potential!



Ken Fisher

The Vagaries Of The Stock Market

The Vagaries Of The Stock Market



Markets are driven by fear and by greed

With scant regard to what workers might need

When markets rise the ‘bulls’ join the charge

When they fall it’s the ‘bears’ who quickly loom large

It’s ‘shareholder value’ that we must maintain

Keeping them happy on this gravy train

So when share prices dip it brings on a panic

And stock dealing activity can quickly go manic

While markets are buoyant the traders are pleased

Healthy profits allow the investors to squeeze

the maximum divvy from what they invest

That’s the scenario that they love the best

So their greed for ‘returns’ has duly been met

Investing their cash has been a wise bet

But when profits slump and shares take a dive

They suddenly fear that they may not survive!

Investment gurus warn us to assess all the risks

When making decisions avoid being too brisk

We are told that investments can go up or go down

Sometimes we smile, but quite often frown

So perhaps the wise thing that we ought to do

If we want our money to safely accrue

Is to avoid investing in ‘get rich quick’ schemes

And never indulge in fanciful dreams

So what choice do we have to avoid greed and fear?

And yet live a life that’s not too austere

To keep our savings balance in the black not the red

Let’s stash it all safely under the bed!

Ken Fisher

Volatility In The Stock Exchange

Volatility In The Stock Exchange


Once again I’m feeling bitter

The Stock Exchange has got the jitters

You invest your cash for long-term gain

And end up suffering much pain

We have been told it’s wise to save

Don’t splash the cash, don’t misbehave

But after years of careful living

There’s little cause for much thanksgiving

Year by year we did what’s best

Faithfully we would invest

In shares and bonds and ISA’s too

Wasting our cash we did eschew

Our interest money did compound

Thus inflation did confound

We felt that nothing could go wrong

Each year the balance would be strong

As time passed all seemed quite fine

Money grows along with time

But we discounted fluctuations

Sometimes caused by foreign nations

So when the market takes fright overseas

Investors here brought to their knees

And we now hope that things might change

Renewing hope in our Exchange

Perhaps the lesson we must learn

Is to save less than we earn

And then if our shares get volatile

Nonetheless we can still smile!

Ken Fisher

Enjoy The Web But Don’t Get Tangled!

Enjoy the Web but Don’t Get Tangled


That science has been for us a boon I think you will agree

From daily grind and drudgery it sets our spirits free

We have to thank the scientists for research knows no bounds

Discovering and inventing things heretofore not found

But science alone might have remained arid ideology

Without its application in practical technology

So down the years these boffins have changed the way we live

A fact for which our grateful thanks we readily should give

The early work of scientists and ingenious engineers

Wrought huge machines with pistons and complicated gears

They lifted things, pushed them along and kept the mines quite dry

Such powerful machines, thus the nation changed thereby

We saw before our eyes a growing Revolution

For every challenge industry would yield a ready-made solution

What e’r our need, or problems quite refractory

The answer surely could be found within our local factory

As years went by the fruits of science touched every modern nation

Technology made to respond what e’r the situation

Chemical, mechanical, electrical, even jet propulsion

Willingly adopted without the least compulsion

Thus o’er the years the pace of change was evident to all

Large cities, congestion, increasing urban sprawl

But science had also generated considerable wealth

These funds provided for our needs and to promote our health

And in due course the sciences of the past did gradually mature

No longer simply a way in which to master crude nature

Research then applied to the field of communication

To draw us near and thus avoid any alienation

For decades the telegraph, the radio and the phone

Could keep each one of us in touch with those at home

And in due time computers and then the Internet

An even slicker system in time it did beget

Although not many this concept did foresee

Thank goodness for the genius of Tim Berners-Lee

His World Wide Web around the globe would span

Perhaps the greatest gift of all to everyman

Thus by means of this masterly innovation

Links could be forged with each and every nation

And in a instant data drawn from every distant land

Is ours by clicking it when linked into broadband

Thus all we needed to ensure that we possess the facts

Of any sphere of knowledge, or any person’s acts

A simple lesson showing how the web to navigate

And thus the store of knowledge we thus can actuate

In this way access to knowledge hoarded by each profession

Became for every man their right, their very own possession

There is no doubt the opening of this mighty treasure

Expanded power through knowledge in ever greater measure

But perhaps a word of caution about this web worldwide

Too many facts, too quickly found, can lose us in its tide

And simply when we come to think of every answer thus on tap

An attitude can easily develop which then becomes a trap

Everything that is worthwhile requires effort on our part

We therefore need thus to apply both mind and even heart

The web is here to stay and in that we rejoice

But how we think and how we act is ever our own choice

Thanks to the pioneers of science for these useful innovations

For their research has brought to us great help, real benefaction

And when life is dull and sometimes lacks that necessary glitter

All pals can readily unite on Face Book and on Twitter!

Ken Fisher