Volatility In The Stock Exchange

Volatility In The Stock Exchange


Once again I’m feeling bitter

The Stock Exchange has got the jitters

You invest your cash for long-term gain

And end up suffering much pain

We have been told it’s wise to save

Don’t splash the cash, don’t misbehave

But after years of careful living

There’s little cause for much thanksgiving

Year by year we did what’s best

Faithfully we would invest

In shares and bonds and ISA’s too

Wasting our cash we did eschew

Our interest money did compound

Thus inflation did confound

We felt that nothing could go wrong

Each year the balance would be strong

As time passed all seemed quite fine

Money grows along with time

But we discounted fluctuations

Sometimes caused by foreign nations

So when the market takes fright overseas

Investors here brought to their knees

And we now hope that things might change

Renewing hope in our Exchange

Perhaps the lesson we must learn

Is to save less than we earn

And then if our shares get volatile

Nonetheless we can still smile!

Ken Fisher

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