The Vagaries Of The Stock Market

The Vagaries Of The Stock Market



Markets are driven by fear and by greed

With scant regard to what workers might need

When markets rise the ‘bulls’ join the charge

When they fall it’s the ‘bears’ who quickly loom large

It’s ‘shareholder value’ that we must maintain

Keeping them happy on this gravy train

So when share prices dip it brings on a panic

And stock dealing activity can quickly go manic

While markets are buoyant the traders are pleased

Healthy profits allow the investors to squeeze

the maximum divvy from what they invest

That’s the scenario that they love the best

So their greed for ‘returns’ has duly been met

Investing their cash has been a wise bet

But when profits slump and shares take a dive

They suddenly fear that they may not survive!

Investment gurus warn us to assess all the risks

When making decisions avoid being too brisk

We are told that investments can go up or go down

Sometimes we smile, but quite often frown

So perhaps the wise thing that we ought to do

If we want our money to safely accrue

Is to avoid investing in ‘get rich quick’ schemes

And never indulge in fanciful dreams

So what choice do we have to avoid greed and fear?

And yet live a life that’s not too austere

To keep our savings balance in the black not the red

Let’s stash it all safely under the bed!

Ken Fisher

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