The Nature Of Reality

The Nature Of Reality



Isn’t it enough that things are as they are?

But do we really know what we mean by “are”

The world we claim to know is that which we perceive

But we realise that our senses might easily deceive


Cosmologists claim the Big Bang was the start

Of all that followed on, it was the very heart

Our universe began from that fireball’s brilliant shine

This primordial event began all things in space-time


Through 13.7 billion years that blast outwards extended

The cosmic soup swirled as dust and gas were blended

Eventually the stars formed and in galaxies they ranged

That explosion kept in check by gravitation’s force unchanged


And now we scan the celestial sphere to understand what’s real

We apprehend the Baryonic stuff, the rest is quite surreal

Dark Matter and Dark Energy theoretically essential

And with their help this explanation might yet have potential!



Ken Fisher

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