Upper Glass

Upper Glass



Glasgow’s challenge to the Crystal Palace!

A reclining lion stretched out across the grass

This vitreous behemoth providing warm sanctuary

To subjects of that great kingdom of all plants

That ranges far and wide across the earth


The prime attraction within our Botanic Gardens

This 19th Century wrought iron framed glasshouse

From an earlier life in Coulport on the Clyde

In 1873 the Kibble was re-born in our dear city

With yet another reincarnation in this 21st Century


In the year of 2006 bathed in sparkling glory

Once more to welcome all beguiled by its charms

Historic rallying point to politicians and evangelists

No lesser names than Gladstone, Disraeli and Sankey

Had there regaled their listeners with promised joy


And still today the Kibble promises delight

To earnest horticulturists and baby-minders

Who seek out refuge among its ferny groves

And find stimulus or rest according to their need

An experience they find is truly Upper Glass!


Ken Fisher

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