The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

Do you ever stop to consider
The next Big Thing in your life?
Be it joy all the way
Or trouble and strife

Perhaps you’re content
To let things take their course
Accept as they come
Events simply endorse

Or feel reassured
By having a plan
Just for next week
Or all of life’s span

Or are you happy-go-lucky
You can go with the flow
Even under dark shadows
You catch the rainbow

Well I have no prescription
As to what may be best
Quite free and easy
Or future obsessed

But whenever you discover
The next Big Thing you need face
Accept that’s just life
With resilience embrace

Ken Fisher


Mission Statement

Mission Statement



Catchy slogan
Or something more
Let’s you know
Our inner core
Defining the why, the who, the what
Who we are and what we’re not

Mission statements
Encapsulate our brand
In lucid terms
Use nothing grand
In simple claims
Divulge our aims

Mission statements need not only be
For mega-corporations
The United Nations
Charities can also find them useful
All should ensure that they are truthful

Churches try to be ‘missional’
Concerned for justice and compassion
Reaching out to those in need
Ensuring they receive their ration
Of the world’s bounty they deserve
Willing help without reserve

And what about an MS that is personal
Declaring my purposes and my goals?
A guiding principle to follow
My words and actions to control
Emblazoned in my life’s CV
Lived manifest for all to see

Ken Fisher

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday

On Thursday of that Holy Week
The Saviour washed disciples feet
In humility we might imitate
His divine example replicate

Love one another His command
Responding to their outstretched hand
Turn not away what e’er the need
With listening ear the stranger heed

On Maundy Thursday the sovereign’s gift
May loyal subjects’ souls uplift
That they in turn show their compassion
In kindly deeds in similar fashion

On Holy Thursday the commemoration
Of our Lord’s supper the foundation
Henceforth recall His life and sacrifice
For human sin He paid the price

Ken Fisher



What can be said
When so many are dead
Cityscape laid bare
To our horrified stare

All our words fail
Amidst such travail
Souls under siege
Unuttered rage

Save the rumbling of shells
Midst Ukraine’s living hell
Whence might come release?
From dictator’s caprice

Mute blessings craved
When no longer depraved
Peace be restored
Ne’er justice ignored

Ken Fisher


Another angle on Silence:The Sound of Silence

Breaking News

Breaking News

Breaking News
Two words we don’t want to hear
But cannot ignore

What now? We wonder
Are we not already punch-drunk
With the latest tidings
Of disaster, tragedy and death

Breaking News
Here we go again
As the little siren caption
Runs along the TV screen

Demanding our immediate attention
To some gut-wrenching catastrophe
Another addition to the stockpile
Of the world’s tribulations

Breaking News
Don’t they know we have enough
Trouble just coping with daily life?
It’s not that we just don’t care
We do – but how?

Breaking News
Perhaps the media moguls
Should be forced to ensure
There’s some good news too
Breaking News that won’t
Break our hearts

Ken Fisher

See also my poem: Unfettered Catastrophising

Still In Limbo

Still in Limbo

Apparently Limbo is the very edge of Hell
And that’s our world’s new perch
Hovering o’er that deep abyss
As for peace so many search

As weapons clash and innocents are slaughtered
The sound of warfare continues unabated
Who will bring peace, end all this strife?
The conquering lust be sated

Each new day we wait for news
That peace might be restored
Pray that weapons be laid down
But justice ne’er ignored

And so in Limbo we still wait
Amidst lives and homes laid waste
The trappings of our civil world
Shattered and debased

Ken Fisher

Don’t You Wish It Wasn’t Happening?

Don’t You Wish It Wasn’t Happening?


Don’t you wish it wasn’t happening?
That somehow it’d go away
The not-so distant noise of battle
We wake up to each new day

Switch off the media
We’ve heard quite enough of that
The sound of gun-touting soldiers
Drowns out the diplomat

We stand on the sidelines
Impotent to save
Gazing at the newsreels
As innocents face the grave

Don’t you wish it wasn’t happening?
Can we turn back the clock?
Renew the uneasy peace
The shelter of deadlock

Of course we wish it wasn’t happening
But we are now where we are
A desperate prayer for peace with justice
Ere all mankind has gone too far

Ken Fisher


Tombstones and Snowdrops

Tombstones and Snowdrops

Ominous rumblings
Of invasion and war
As the nations emerge
From pandemic peril
Peace once again shattered
By belligerent power

It seems crisis is
Forever endemic
Tombstone memorial
Looming over bright hope
In this new year’s
Burgeoning snowdrops

As the world holds its breath
May the light of hope
Escape from under
The tombstone’s shadow
Tiny white flags, not of appeasement
But of justice and peace

Ken Fisher


Time to Move On

Time to Move On

When Governments and people are knee-deep in trouble
And somehow they hope to escape but still struggle
They pretend the matter is now all but gone
And insist that this is the time to move on

But of course that is really just camouflage
The real facts they are simply trying to massage
They hope our outrage to quickly avert
And by some other issue our eyes to divert

Our concentration they would not want to prolong
Insisting as always that they’ve done nothing wrong
They try to point out something else that’s distracting
And they declare we are just over-reacting

In this present hour the powers that be
Want us to ignore that they’ve been on a spree
Partying and revelling in jollification
At times out of tune with the rest of the nation

It seems this time they have misjudged the mood
Their inappropriate antics did them no good
They really must now show some genuine contrition
If for their sins they might seek remission

Time to move on may be all well and good
No doubt they’d hope that they really could
But in the meantime they must try to show more respect
To restore a reputation they so wilfully wrecked

Ken Fisher



Epiphany 2022

Epiphany 2022

Today is Epiphany – in Biblical terms
The Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles
The Magi, guided by the star seek the Christ Child
But what is our epiphany?

To-day we often call it an ‘aha’ moment
A sudden revelation or insight
A new discernment, greater awareness
A flash of comprehension

Perhaps within the midst of the
Fogging of our thoughts,
The tedium and ennui of these dark days
We too might be galvanised by inspiration

Shake off the dolour and melancholy
Raise our vision to an emerging horizon
Enliven our perception, press on to
The sunnier uplands of 2022

Ken Fisher

At the Threshold of the Year 2022

At  the Threshold of the Year 2022

Time is sometimes called the Fourth Dimension
Length, breadth and height the other three
But time can fill our hearts with apprehension
No wonder that it’s often said to flee

‘Tempus fugit ‘ we plead as ready-made excuse
When everyday concerns and never-ending cares
A sense of guilt and failure does induce
Our quest for peace and freedom thus impaired

But time cannot be stalled; its steady progress will not falter
Its march like Roman legions moving ever onward
Along straight roads, their fixed direction does not alter
The army moves in steps that take them ever forward

And so it was that in those dark fading days of late December
As we approached the threshold of yet another year
Thoughts filled with joy and sorrow as we remember
Hopefulness for days ahead but not without our hidden fear

What lies just beyond the gate of this New Year?
You have been warned: ‘the past no guide to future performance’!
Would life be simpler if the way ahead was clear?
Why do we ever have to seek for reassurance

And this year we enter on with trepidation
As 2021 brought challenges unprecedented
In 2022 our hopes again rest in effective vaccination
Thus greater certainty may make us more contented

And so as we peer into the void beyond this New Year’s Day
We simply must accept that unlike length or breadth or height
The realm of time brings with it ‘come what may’
Our prayer remains that faith and hope will bring us light

And so my friend step onward with a steady pace
Give thanks for many blessings in the past
Let love for life and all mankind your heart embrace
And to God’s providence our trust remain steadfast

Ken Fisher