Rhymes With Reason [NEW]

Rhymes With Reason

Sometimes I am asked why I write my poems, what is the motivation, or is it some kind of compulsion?

Well I suppose initially it was simply to produce amusing little ditties to pass on to family members on their birthday or some other day of celebration.   My verses seemed to entertain the recipients – or perhaps they were just being kind.

Gradually I extended the range of topics embracing contemporary issues or ideas that struck me as significant in living out our lives.  Often a title for a poem was derived from a phrase in a sermon or a political speech or in a radio or TV debate or documentary.  Sometimes an overwhelming force such as the pandemic or some other major threat to our life and wellbeing simply could not be ignored and became embedded in my verses.  [See the Page Poetry for the Pandemic]

Since quite early on (after the start in 2015) I began to file the poems under broad categories.  You can select the categories from the top heading and also the side bar on my site.

Broadly the categories have been  grouped as follows:

Life and living:       Health & Wellbeing; Living our Lives: Contemporary Issues; Events

The world in which we live: Nature & Seasons; Architecture, Art and Music; Geography and Environment; Science & Technology; Industry, Banking and Capitalism

Philosophy and Ideas: Ideas; Philosophy, Politics, Religion

Miscellaneous: Humour, Poetry itself

Sometimes poems were just written for my own amusement, something playful which I felt worthy of being committed to print.

So if I am asked of there is a REASON for my RHYMES I would have to respond that sometimes there is, at other times there is no particular reason. But here they are anyway. I hope they will stimulate the mind and provide food for thought.

Thank you for indulging me.

Ken Fisher