Perplexing Maze

Perplexing Maze

Maze at Doxford Hall Hotel, Northumberland

Do you feel life’s progress can resemble a maze?
Unsure which way to turn, north, south, east or west
The choice of direction may us easily faze
Left or right, fore or aft, which may be best?

Mazes present problems which must be resolved
At every junction we are forced to make a decision
At turning points our sense of direction must be involved
Then for wrong turns and dead ends we must make correction

Of course there may come a time after many attempts
When we feel this labyrinth has got us beaten
Our earlier shifts of direction we may now regret
And those wrong choices we kept on repeating

In the end all we want is to be liberated
From the hedge barriers which so tightly constrain
And all the false hopes that have left us frustrated
At last to escape to  open ground again

Ken Fisher

Political Beauty Parade Now Reduced to Two

Political Beauty Parade Now Reduced to Two

It’s now a head-to-head between Rishi and Liz
For whom will the Tories crack open the fizz?
Between now and then the contest will rage
As each the other will try to upstage

The heat of this summer is quite enough
Without all this needless point scoring stuff
So let’s hope the contenders behave in a civilised way
Not treat their rival as a dragon to slay

The Tory members have got the power in their hands
The appointment of Leader and PM is at their command
So let wisdom direct their considered choice
That on 5th of September will the nation rejoice

Ken Fisher

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Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Dire warnings have been issued
Temperatures unprecedented
Desperate need to find some shade
By sun’s merciless rays tormented

It seems there may be no escape
From this mighty solar onslaught
Although Scotland’s hiding in the shade
From this not quite all-pervading sunspot!

Ken Fisher

Harvest Home

Harvest Home

My recent poem was in praise of the bean
But other fruits and veg ought to be seen
Raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries excel
But rhubarb and potatoes are there as well

Whatever your preference for what the earth yields
From tiny allotments to extensive fields
Praise for the harvest which all life sustains
And for the farmer and gardener the result of their pains

Ken Fisher

[Produce grown by B Fisher]

You Can’t Beat Beans!

You Can’t Beat Beans

Home grown Broad Beans

When it comes to beans there’s an infinite range
Up to four hundred some experts would claim
In all shapes and sizes and in every hue
Tasty to eat, great for  health too

There is cranberry, black bean and also chickpea
Cannellini, garbanzo, and pinto to see
Navy beans, fava beans, and of course soya
Nutritionists claim they’re all very good for ya

Beans also appear in a variety of shapes
Kidney shaped, globular, some quite elongate
From slim and narrow to really quite broad
Some appear bashed, regrettably flawed

Beans apparently are a class of legume
Without any doubt they are great to consume
Endless methods of cooking this ubiquitous food
Whatever the type they are sure to do good

So the message is clear you must beans explore
Their many virtues you should not ignore
You can’t beat beans is the greengrocer’s slogan
On your diet sheet give them rapid promotion



Ken Fisher

Political Beauty Parade

Political Beauty Parade

The contest to fill the post of PM
Has produced a formidable list of contenders
Each determined to prove their own peerless merit
Of their great track record worthy defenders

Their talents rehearsed like a beauty parade
Even exceeding the charms of the present incumbent
Hoping to gain the Number 10 keys
As soon as Boris can be ousted redundant

It is a pity to watch the emerging signs of
Past peccadillos revealed while digging the dirt
Who knows the truth of these unworthy disclosures
As long as your rivals it will assuredly hurt

Each of the entrants in this beauty parade
Displaying their talents to best effect
Promises almost matching utopia
A perfect future devoid of defect

All I can say is may the best contender win
Let’s hope that victory will bring its reward
And when the contest is eventually over
Internecine strife replaced by accord

Ken Fisher

[Picture from Sky News]


The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

On the ocean of this world’s affairs
The ship of state near overwhelmed
Politics in deep travail
The creaking barque all but unhelmed

Wherein lies the problem that so besets
The government of our nation?
Could it be the captain bold
The source of all frustration?

Not just the ship but truth itself
All but lost at sea
From deceit, duplicity and denial
Pray set this vessel free

The master quite unwilling e’r to drown
Resolved his crew to outflank
Holds the wheel with iron grip
Nor will he walk that plank

Some of the crew driven by integrity
Jump ship guided by morality
The captain with the motley residue
Held firm in their venality

The ship sails on in stormy waters
Its destination quite unsure
The world looks on incredulous
At this political grand tour

Ken Fisher


Hospitalisation (2)

Hospitalisation (2)

Return visits were anticipated
Anxiety not quite dissipated
Glasgow’s new Victoria ward
The best that science can afford

No major issues there detected
Somewhat perplexed but not dejected
Then to the QEUH for something more invasive
Surgeon’s pleas are quite persuasive

Three nights within this radiant star
Keyhole-type probes that go quite far
Kidney bypass now a stent
Blockage problem to prevent

Not yet quite clear of every doubt
But in due time I did checkout
The final verdict still awaited
But original plumbing reinstated!


Ken Fisher

To be read in conjunction with Hospitalisation  (see link)