The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

On the ocean of this world’s affairs
The ship of state near overwhelmed
Politics in deep travail
The creaking barque all but unhelmed

Wherein lies the problem that so besets
The government of our nation?
Could it be the captain bold
The source of all frustration?

Not just the ship but truth itself
All but lost at sea
From deceit, duplicity and denial
Pray set this vessel free

The master quite unwilling e’r to drown
Resolved his crew to outflank
Holds the wheel with iron grip
Nor will he walk that plank

Some of the crew driven by integrity
Jump ship guided by morality
The captain with the motley residue
Held firm in their venality

The ship sails on in stormy waters
Its destination quite unsure
The world looks on incredulous
At this political grand tour

Ken Fisher


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