Political Beauty Parade

Political Beauty Parade

The contest to fill the post of PM
Has produced a formidable list of contenders
Each determined to prove their own peerless merit
Of their great track record worthy defenders

Their talents rehearsed like a beauty parade
Even exceeding the charms of the present incumbent
Hoping to gain the Number 10 keys
As soon as Boris can be ousted redundant

It is a pity to watch the emerging signs of
Past peccadillos revealed while digging the dirt
Who knows the truth of these unworthy disclosures
As long as your rivals it will assuredly hurt

Each of the entrants in this beauty parade
Displaying their talents to best effect
Promises almost matching utopia
A perfect future devoid of defect

All I can say is may the best contender win
Let’s hope that victory will bring its reward
And when the contest is eventually over
Internecine strife replaced by accord

Ken Fisher

[Picture from Sky News]


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