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Up-dated 15  Mar 2023 What’s New?  (you may well ask!)Total Posts on the Site :  809 (including some posts by Oliver Fisher and my other grandson, aged 12yrs, DF)

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800 Poems

Three Tyrannies

This Week’s NEW Poem

Seven Five 0

Rhymes With Reason


Spring Has Sprung


Thurty-one Thousand

Political Change


Goodbye Daddy God?


Nationa Hugging Day 2023

Blue Monday

People Say by Oliver Fisher

Hospital Admission

Comfort Blanket

Advent Calendar Makeover 2022

Remembrance 2022


Audi Alteram Partem

Clocks Go Back 2022


Beeb Centenary


Mind the Gap

In Praise of Poetry 2022 [National Poetry Day]

Now You’re Asking


Quiet Quitting

Autumn Equinox 2022

National Catharsis


No longer Give your Life, but Live your Life?

End of an Era, Start of the New

Take Me To Your Leader

Honest Doubt

Chatbot Challenge

Venerated Ruins


Intellectual Property IP

Rampaging Inflation

Freak Out


This Sporting Life

Perplexing Maze

The Political Beauty Parade now reduced to Two

Heat Wave

Harvest Home

You Can’t Beat Beans

Political Beauty Parade

The Ship of State in Stormy Waters

Hospitalisation (2)


Summer Solstice 2022

Truth Decay

A Little Patch of Defiant Beauty

Almost Buggered It Up

Long Has She Reigned

Don’t Bugger It Up!


The Massive Indifference of the Universe

The Next Big Thing


Mission Statement

The Statutory Presumption  of Senility


Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

Spring Equinox 2022


Breaking News

Still in Limbo

Don’t You Wish It Wasn’t Happening

Wrecking Ball

White Noise

Radio – The Listener’s Window on the World 2022

Keep the Heid and Haud Yer Wheesht!

Tombstones and Snowdrops


By Nature and By Grace

Post Truth Society


Toxic Positivity

The Poetry Geek

Bedtime Story

Mickey Mouse Degree

Time to Move On



Balcony Blizzard

Epiphany 2022

An APP for the Day

At the Threshold of the Year 2022

No Longer and Not Yet


God Surprises Earth with Heaven

Christmas Isn’t Cancelled

Winter Solstice 21/12/21

People, Planet, Profit

Politics is War Minus the Shooting

Christmas is Coming 2021


Advent Calendar Makeover

Unknown Unknowns

Larks and Owls

Black Friday 2021

Seriousness Can Be Overrated


Hope Remains

Dum Spiro Spero


Time is of the Essence 2021

Clocks Go Back 2021

COP26 Civic Pride and Climate Prospects

Emotion’s Prisoner

The Suit is an Endangered Garment

The Doctor Won’t See You Now

Hands-on Philosophy

Our World, Our Future – by DF age 11yrs

Telescope, Microscope, and Horoscope


Face Recognition

Carpet Slippers

Equinox – Autumn 2021

Off to Yooni!

How Was Your Journey?

Anything to Declare?



Does God Mess Up?

Bubbles of Certainty

A I B U 

Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Wake Up Call

Blue Sky Thinking


New page on Three Tyrannies

The Tyranny of Positivity




Sorry for Interrupting

Hi Viz Vest

Real Life

It’s Now or Never!

The Northern Lights


Summer Solstice 2021

Fiat Lux

Next Slide Please!


The Path of Totality


Ticking Time Bomb


Silence is Golden?


En Plein Air

Y O L O You Only Live Once

Ode to the Banks

Do Grasshoppers Have Low Self-Esteem?

PESD – Post Election Stress Disorder

Fumbling With Your Phone

Election Fever 2021

Open Wide!

A Word in Your Ear

Taking Umbridge

Scrapes and Scratches, Bumps and Dents

Reading the 5,000

The Bigger Picture


Easter Morn 2021

Modern Job titles

The Tyranny of the Password


Photo Album

New Spectacles

The News, Mostly, is Bad

A Young Schoolboy’s Reflections on Lockdown

Woke World

You’re Muted!




Tech Frenzy

The Painted Lady by Oliver Fisher


The Motherboard by Oliver Fisher

Vaccination Frustration

Indigo Dreams by Oliver Fisher

Hail to the (new) Chief

What does it matter – now?


Grandparents by Oliver Fisher

Rhetoric, Spin and Bluff

At the Threshold of the Year 2021

Winter Solstice with the Great Conjunction

Turkey without legs

Christmas is Coming 2020

Oh Zoom All Ye Faithful

An Alternate Path by Oliver Fisher


Digital Christmas

The ‘Flu Jab 2020

The Faithful Eyes – By OLIVER FISHER


Walking the Dog – by Oliver Fisher

It’s Okay not to be Okay

Remembrance 2020


Halloween 2020


Clocks Go Back 2020

Coiled Spring

Getting & Spending, Stretching & Bending

Please Keep Your Distance


Fallen Leaves


National Poetry Day 2020 – Poetry for the Pandemic

Generational Civil War

Pivot Point

Equinox – Autumn 2020

You need to un-mute!


Is Christmas Cancelled?

Mythology & Reality

A Rock and A Hard Place


Post Truth Society

Out of Hibernation and In to School

Funny Summer

The Humble Tomato

Don’t Go Abroad

10,000 Steps

Road Map for Life


Smile, Smile, Smile!

Joyless July

BoMaD – the Bank of Mum & Dad [re-visited]

Socrates & Dionysus


Social Distance – Is it Shrinking?


Father’s Day

Summer Solstice 2020



The Status of God

Don’t just do something, sit there!

Hoping and Helping and hinging thegither

Pandemic Poetry

Tattoo that on the Inside of my eyelids!

Don’t lose the plot!

Curmudgeons Under Threat

Celebrate and Commemorate (VE Day 75 years on)


Permitted Perambulation



New Every Morning (in Unsettling Times)

Log-on all Ye Faithful

ON-Screen Appearance – don’t ignore it – it matters

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Cabin Fever

Broadband Church

Pestilence, Plague, and Pandemic

Knight Errant


The Sound of Silence

Self-Isolalation  – who want’s it.


Is That all There Is?

While feel the need to put it right?

A valentine for your Pet!


Is THINKING good or bad for you?  see what I say here

Massaging the Eyeballs

Brexit Day

Things can only happen ‘Just As Soon As”

Time to Declutter

The Chateau and the Gateau

Social Kissing – a nightmare at New Year!


Existential Threats

At the Threshold of the year 2020

Is Christmas really about wanting?

Christmas is Coming 2019

Santa’s NOT Coming 2019

Fever Abated

Election Fever

I Wonder, I Wonder  – do we all do too much wondering?

Obscurity Masquerading as Profundity?

Advent 2019

Political Inquisition? What do you think?

Black Friday 2019

On Rrealising One’s Own Mortality

The Charms of OS Catalina

Is your life Prosaic or Poetic?

Apocalyptic Headlines

Clocks go back (2019)  one hour tonight.  Let’s not be too gloomy.

Shehovah (Jehovah) is God a Woman? 

ON even more Brexit hesitation : Dithering

For National Poetry Day 3 Oct 2019 a rerun of two favourites: If Typists were Poets    and Poetic Opacity

We are still Honour Bound

Modern Money

Politics again!  The Tyranny of the Majority

Climate Change

Niceness is a thin veneer

Don’t Reheat the Porridge

Politicians always claim they are Crystal Clear.  Don’t you believe it!

Bathroom fittings


Time is of the Essence

I’m Absolutely Fine!

Sunday Morning

Pause today for a a moment’s Grace.

Unwillingly to School

The Redoubtable Ms Clarke

Home Again!

Have a Nice Life

Moon – in celebration of the Moon landing in July 1969

It’s the weekend  – Take time to Reflect

What gain have the workers from their toil?

Punch & Judy Politics

What is the Point?

What is industry for? Purpose or Profit

Can you have proximity and still lack community?   see proximity without community

Don’t Give Up the Day Job!

Vacancy at Number 10

Election Fuddle – confusion on Euro election Day 23 May 2019

Public Intellectual  – these are the deep thinkers that might show us the way

Don’t give up – Keep on Keeping On

It’s no longer Retire but ReTYRE

Don’t forget that paradigm of virtue – the Man on the Clapham Omnibus

X Marks the Scot

Life’s a Roller Coaster

Perhaps it’s time for a New Version of Yourself

Do you run your own life or does someone else?  see  So Much Depends

Silent Sentinels

What about the Cumbernauld Clock?

The Promise of Spring 2019

Celebrating Barbie’s 60th Birthday – Happy 60th Birthday Barbie

Watch out for the unexpected:  Anything can happen and probably will?

What about having a Plan B?

For Burns Night (25 Jan)  Poetry on a Plate

An odd little poem – How do you Do?

Removal Upheaval – we are moving soon


Poetry at Work Day 2019


At the start of the New Year check out Time’s Progression

Today God Surprises earth with Heaven

Darkness all around – of course, it is the Winter Solstice 21 Dec 2018

Here’s the bad news SANATA’s NOT COMING

As the snow falls today I wonder what you think of the Snowflake Generation?

The Family Together

5 Dec – International Volunteer Day – where are they?

Why is poetry a Holiday from Reality?

Black Friday 2018 – here we go again!

Something gone missing? No Sign of it there

Blow Your Own Trumpet – why not?

Small Talk and Loose Talk

Hunker Down! in the midst of trouble.

Rant – do you indulge in such things?

27th Oct 2018 – Clocks Go Back 2018

Sharp Objects – watch out for them

What about the controversy on Mansize Tissues?  see Manhood


Harvest Time – Autumn Fruits 2018

Placebo – Who’s Kidding Who?

What is your mood today? see this

Don’t Hold Your Breath!

What do we mean by The Meaning of Meaning – see this

On the 10th Anniversary of start of 2008 Credit Crunch read this: Would you credit it, Yet again!

Utility : is it the measure of all things?

Silence!  Is it golden?

Is Normal Life Sustainable if we Always Tell the Truth?

See these two Truth    and Trust

Unwillingly to School!

Do you suffer from On-line Angst?

Exam Results today?  Good Luck

Time & Change – neither can be avoided

4th July 2018 – US Independence Day

Waistcoat Wednesday 11 July 2018

400th Poem posted on my site.  Subject INSPIRATION – a much needed commodity!

One the beach, check out the Great British Beach Hut

Summer Time Escape – do you prefer Home or Away?

Sunshine on our Face

Have we turned into the Bubble Wrap Society?

June 21st 2018 – Summer Solstice today!

Congratulations to BN Associates – Friendly Bean Counters!

Does Travel Broaden the Mind?  see this

The Swiss Army Knife – even more useful

How do you feel about forgiveness – is strength or weakness?

Ten Thousand hits on my poetry blog.  See this

25th May 2018 the day of reckoning on GDPR

The prickly Cactus – see this

Enjoy the Sunshine – see Sunshine’s Kiss – Summer 2018

Do you take UMBRAGE far too often? Try to change your diet.  See this

Do you ever feel like Hiding Under the Duvet

Do you ever bear a grudge?

Does Ironing depress you?  see what I say – Let’s Iron out those wrinkles

Heavy Lifting

An Inconvenient Truth

Camera Complications

Atoms who think about Atoms

At Last the Sun – where has it been this year?

Do you ever wonder?

Do you love the peace when you shut the car door – see Comforting Capsule

This shouldn’t happen and it ought to be stopped!

The Pope has downgraded Hell – see this

Poetry & Poetics – quite a mouthful – check this out

Ask Me No More –What?

SKIN  – you can’t live without it more you fall apart!

March 16th – World Sleep Day – here is my Sleep Sonnet

Do you fear Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it’s all down to Algorithms

What about the snowfall today – 28 Feb 2018.  Love it or hate it?

Seed time – test it is that time again. Check this out

Are you thinking too much? It will do your head in

How do you feel? Tired & Emotional?

Do you have regrets? I do, check out Rewind

That was then, this is now

The Camera Never Lies?  Who says so?  Photoshop Identity

How’s your Attitude?

Jan 31 2018 – a Blue Moon tonight

Do you find it difficult to WAIT?  Try this

National Handwriting Day 23 Jan 18 – Get out your pen

Have you heard of this one? Buy NONE, Get One Free

How often have you heard? – there are those who say.  Do we need to listen?

Does a poem have to be opaque to be valued?  I say no!

Clearing out at the start of the Year.  

Password Perplexity

Do you love Irn Bru? It is changing    A comment from AG Barr- producers of IRN BRU :

Dear Kenneth,
Thank you for your poem.
We love how passionate our drinkers are, we would like to reassure you that  IRN-BRU will remain a sugary drink, we are simply reducing the sugar level. There’s no change to the IRN-BRU essence, which is still made to our secret recipe, and we’ve achieved a really great tasting match with less sugar.  This decision was in response to the majority of our consumers wanting less sugar.
We do value all consumer feedback and I’ll be sure to pass your poem onto the Brand Team.
Kind RegardsGemma Morris
Consumer Care9 Jan 2017

In this winter weather I bet you enjoy the Hot Water Bottle!

New Beginnings – start here

New Year’s Eve – at the Threshold of the Year

How did you cope with recent snow falls? Consider Winter transformation

Small But Beautifully Formed – check this out

Christmas Gifts – have you joined in?

December 21st The Winter Solstice

A Christmas Carol for Party People!

As if you didn’t know – CHRISTMAS IS COMING

Have you ensured that you are a successful BRAND?

Have you had a turkey dinner yet this year? Try this legless one.

Watch out for those Terms & Conditions on any contract you may be induced ed to enter

 The season of Advent has come.

Waiting for an illusive parcel? Try this

I suppose like me, the darkness of this month dampens your spirits. Check this out.

How do you feel about old age?  Don’t despair

History – One Damned Thing After Another?

Offshore Tax avoidance – does it bother you? Check this out

Fidgeting is that your problem? see this

Are cheques now dead? Almost it seems

Life Will see You Now – are you ready?

The Unwelcome Pause – does this happen to you?

What MYTHS do you still believe in? Check this.

Two new poems : Who needs the Library and Who needs Archives.

 Are you a Volunteer? Or have you better things to Do?   See my new poem  :  the Volunteer

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  3. See my Posts on Regime Change and the Referendum and also mon a recent holiday to Torquay – The English Riviera and also in North Wales and then the   Isle of Arran
  4. A repeat of my poem (published twice before when terrorist activity  has created mayhem in European cities) – When the Light Darkens – Yet Again – relating to the runaway vehicle on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France on 14 July 20-16 (Bastille Day)
  5. A Poem on Personality Types.  Have a browse of the poem Personality   recently posted.   It takes a brief look at personality typing and what some of the pioneers such as Jung and Myers-Briggs had to say about the ways in which personality might be categorise
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  9. Pictures:  I have tried to include a picture with each poem posted [but not always – as they are not always appropriate – or I don’t have a useful photo!]
  10. Following a holiday in North Wales – see my poem : North Wales – A Holiday Treasure
  11. My wife and I have just returned from a wonderful Railway Journey holiday in Austria.  We travelled from Glasgow to London then on to Brussels and Cologne. Onwards from there to Munich (via Siegburg/Bonn, Frankfurt, Mannheim, and Stuttgart) to Vienna.  Then returned via Salzburgp1100156 to Munich and Cologne thence to Brussels and London then home!Salzburg from the Hohesearchnsalzburg FortressThe Kiss – painted by Gustav KlimtSee my Poem on Austrian Delights
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  14. West End Christian Walking Club – 30 years Anniversary on 13th February 2016.  I have a new poem to recognise this see :https://thebardofkelvindale.com/2016/01/30/a-pearl-of-great-price-30-years-of-wecwc/   and also a recent walk by the shores of the River Forth  see this poem:https://thebardofkelvindale.com/2016/05/15/spanning-the-forth/See also the separate page on Celebration of 30 years of West End Christian Walking ClubP1080473_MS2_ZE01
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Ken Fisher

A few more local pictures – Kelvindale and Cityscape:


View from Ruchill Park towards the West End


Cityscape from Ruchill Park


View of Kelvindale