WHAT’S NEW? Recent changes/innovations on this site

Up-dated  23 May 2018  What’s New?  (you may well ask!)

Ten Thousand hits on my poetry blog.  See this


The prickly Cactus – see this

Enjoy the Sunshine – see Sunshine’s Kiss – Summer 2018


Do you take UMBRAGE far too often? Try to change your diet.  See this

Do you ever feel like Hiding Under the Duvet

Do you ever bear a grudge?

Does Ironing depress you?  see what I say – Let’s Iron out those wrinkles

Heavy Lifting

An Inconvenient Truth

Camera Complications

Atoms who think about Atoms

At Last the Sun – where has it been this year?

Do you ever wonder?

Do you love the peace when you shut the car door – see Comforting Capsule

This shouldn’t happen and it ought to be stopped!

The Pope has downgraded Hell – see this

Poetry & Poetics – quite a mouthful – check this out

Ask Me No More –What?

SKIN  – you can’t live without it more you fall apart!

March 16th – World Sleep Day – here is my Sleep Sonnet

Do you fear Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it’s all down to Algorithms

What about the snowfall today – 28 Feb 2018.  Love it or hate it?

Seed time – test it is that time again. Check this out

1,904 individual visitors have found my site! (Since Sept 2015)


10,092 separate visits to my poem collection (Since Sept 2015)

Are you thinking too much? It will do your head in


How do you feel? Tired & Emotional?

Do you have regrets? I do, check out Rewind


That was then, this is now

The Camera Never Lies?  Who says so?  Photoshop Identity

How’s your Attitude?


Jan 31 2018 – a Blue Moon tonight


Do you find it difficult to WAIT?  Try this

National Handwriting Day 23 Jan 18 – Get out your pen

Have you heard of this one? Buy NONE, Get One Free

How often have you heard? – there are those who say.  Do we need to listen?

Does a poem have to be opaque to be valued?  I say no!

Clearing out at the start of the Year.  

Password Perplexity

Do you love Irn Bru? It is changing    A comment from AG Barr- producers of IRN BRU :

Dear Kenneth,
Thank you for your poem.
We love how passionate our drinkers are, we would like to reassure you that  IRN-BRU will remain a sugary drink, we are simply reducing the sugar level. There’s no change to the IRN-BRU essence, which is still made to our secret recipe, and we’ve achieved a really great tasting match with less sugar.  This decision was in response to the majority of our consumers wanting less sugar.
We do value all consumer feedback and I’ll be sure to pass your poem onto the Brand Team.
Kind RegardsGemma Morris
Consumer Care9 Jan 2017

In this winter weather I bet you enjoy the Hot Water Bottle!

New Beginnings – start here

New Year’s Eve – at the Threshold of the Year

How did you cope with recent snow falls? Consider Winter transformation


Small But Beautifully Formed – check this out

Christmas Gifts – have you joined in?

December 21st The Winter Solstice

A Christmas Carol for Party People!


As if you didn’t know – CHRISTMAS IS COMING

Have you ensured that you are a successful BRAND?


Have you had a turkey dinner yet this year? Try this legless one.

Watch out for those Terms & Conditions on any contract you may be induced ed to enter

 The season of Advent has come.

Waiting for an illusive parcel? Try this

I suppose like me, the darkness of this month dampens your spirits. Check this out.


How do you feel about old age?  Don’t despair

History – One Damned Thing After Another?


Offshore Tax avoidance – does it bother you? Check this out


Fidgeting is that your problem? see this

Are cheques now dead? Almost it seems


Life Will see You Now – are you ready?

The Unwelcome Pause – does this happen to you?

What MYTHS do you still believe in? Check this.

Two new poems : Who needs the Library and Who needs Archives.


Poem Number 300 posted 6th Oct 2017. Time for a celebration!


Fallen Leaves – a forlorn look at Autumn

Can it be True? Let’s hope it’s not [what does this mean?]


The Party Conferences – what are they for?

Have you had your ‘flu jab yet? Get ready to grin and bear it!


NEW PAGE to celebrate 1,400 visitors and 8,500 visits on 25 Sept 2017.  What makes a poem a poem?


Tasty Autumn Fruits – apples from our garden

Love/Hate the NEWS – read Unfettered Catastrophizing


Plus ca change, Plus c’est la Meme Chose – continuity and change

Hic et Nunc – the here and now – learn to live in it

Right now we are on the Brink.  And it is not comfortable

Have you ever wondered -what does that mean?   WDTM? check it out.


September Moon – harbinger of Autumn


On the day the new Queensferry Crossing opens to traffic – Traffic Jams

Action and reflection. Are you a doer or a thinker?

Solar Eclipse on Monday 21 Aug – the Shade Fantastic!

What about Simple Pleasures  – enjoy them!

End of School Hols – Auld Claes and Parritch


Would You Credit It? A comment of the Credit Crunch 10 years on


The Wonders of Wales – Revisited


Dublin’s Fair City

Do you enjoy the Humble potato? – try this


On a warm July day – Golden Glow

The anarchic Grace of Christ – what does that mean?



Do you always say what you mean and mean what you say?



This is the Glasgow Fair Weekend

The Cicada – that irritating little clicker!

Do you use a shoe-horn?


Back from a holiday – feeling like a Peevish Old Man?

Continental Train Journeys – here is  my story


What is your personality type – are you like Teflon or Velcro?


Objets d’art – are they valuable or are they just junk?  see my comments


School Holidays begin tomorrow – take cover!

Wake Up and Smell the coffee – get on with it!!

June 21st Summer Solstice – here are my thoughts


What have I to say about the QUEEN’S SPEECH to Parliament?


Calling all Fathers – this is your day – Enjoy it!


What are your Momentary Thoughts?

DRENCHED – that’s pour Scottish Weather!

Time Uninterrupted – but not for the London Bridge victims

Monday 29th May – believe it or not this is NATIONAL PAPER CLIP DAY

Friday 26 May – looks like being a scorcher.  No doubt we will have to sweat it out!

The typo – the scourge of all writers


What about the hackers? Cyber Safe

WHITE VAN MAN – do love or hate him?  What I have to say about him/her

EVENTS – bring them on.  What about them?

Friday 5th May – a lovely sunny day – get out there and enjoy it

Congratulations to NASA on Cassini beginning its dance with the Rings of Saturn

If you’re about to move house – check this out

Ever wondered what ART is for?  see this 

If you like the Trossachs in Scotland you may like this

Who’s worried about space debris? Threats from on High


Number of VISITORS to the Bard of Kelvindale site now exceeds 1,840

Apl 2018 – Now over 9,800 visits (hits) to my website!!!

I am sure you approve of Political Correctness?

A new poem about Apprenticeship

Do you admit to the Elephant in the Room?


What about the Workers?

WHAT’S NEW – some pointers and comments to recent postings (click on links underlined to read the poem)

Are you scared of visiting your Doctor? So am I – see this


What about FAKE NEWS?  Let’s deplore it.

Do you ever think about your signature when you sign on the line?  See my reflections

The Swiss Army Knife – Don’t you all love them.  See my poem


Think again about our neighbour The Moon


If you are a hill walker or even a geologist have a look at my poem – the Earth on Which we Tread

Look out, the snow has arrived – I hope only briefly  – Welcome but Feared

Don’t we all enjoy the comfort of the Electric Blanket?


2016 A successful year on WordPress  –  

the bardofkelvindale site has increased its number of Visitors from 260 to 859 

and the number of ‘hits’ from 3,353 to 6,578  a total increase of 3,225

 See my Poem about the temporary movement of Hillhead Baptist Church Glasgow to the Hilton/Grosvenor Hotel on the first Sunday of Advent (27 Nov 2016) Advent-ure

These sum up my thoughts on the subject!

 Are you a Volunteer? Or have you better things to Do?   See my new poem  :  the Volunteer

  1. CATEGORIES :  This item in the sidebar shows the various categories/genres into which I have placed the poems which have been posted.   This a  quicker way to access a poem on a subject that may interest you.  The Categories (at present) are Architecture, Art and Music; Events; Geography & Environment; Humour; Ideas; Industry, Banking & Capitalism; Nature & Seasons; Philosophy, Politics & Religion; Living our Lives; Poetry [itself]; Science & Technology; The Outdoor Life; Uncategorised.
  2. Recent Posts: This sidebar item shows the most recent ‘posts’ of Poems put on the website – with the most recent coming first
  3. See my Posts on Regime Change and the Referendum and also mon a recent holiday to Torquay – The English Riviera and also in North Wales and then the   Isle of Arran
  4. A repeat of my poem (published twice before when terrorist activity  has created mayhem in European cities) – When the Light Darkens – Yet Again – relating to the runaway vehicle on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France on 14 July 20-16 (Bastille Day)
  5. A Poem on Personality Types.  Have a browse of the poem Personality   recently posted.   It takes a brief look at personality typing and what some of the pioneers such as Jung and Myers-Briggs had to say about the ways in which personality might be categorise
  6. ARCHIVE OF ALL POEMS : you can also access the poems according to the month when they were published on my website by looking at the front page and selecting any particular month in the side bar
  7. You can now find me at thebardofkelvindale.com  and on TWITTER   @Fisher8k
  8. Website ‘Performance’ – this is on the front page and is a daily up-date the Number of Visits and the Number of ‘Hits’.   It seems to have made steady progress since September 2015. The number of visitors is now 1,834 and the ‘hits’/visits is 9,772 see Front Page

  9. Pictures:  I have tried to include a picture with each poem posted [but not always – as they are not always appropriate – or I don’t have a useful photo!]
  10. Following a holiday in North Wales – see my poem : North Wales – A Holiday Treasure
  11. My wife and I have just returned from a wonderful Railway Journey holiday in Austria.  We travelled from Glasgow to London then on to Brussels and Cologne. Onwards from there to Munich (via Siegburg/Bonn, Frankfurt, Mannheim, and Stuttgart) to Vienna.  Then returned via Salzburgp1100156 to Munich and Cologne thence to Brussels and London then home!Salzburg from the Hohesearchnsalzburg FortressThe Kiss – painted by Gustav KlimtSee my Poem on Austrian Delights
  12. Pages: this sidebar item shows a list of static pages I have put on the website.  The first one, ABOUT ME, gives some biogra[hical detail about me – Ken Fisher – the self-styled “Bard of Kelvindale”.  Other pages list other information relating to the web site.
  13. Also in the side bar is a montage of the names of categories – the larger the font size the more poems published in that category/genre.
  14. West End Christian Walking Club – 30 years Anniversary on 13th February 2016.  I have a new poem to recognise this see :https://thebardofkelvindale.com/2016/01/30/a-pearl-of-great-price-30-years-of-wecwc/   and also a recent walk by the shores of the River Forth  see this poem:https://thebardofkelvindale.com/2016/05/15/spanning-the-forth/See also the separate page on Celebration of 30 years of West End Christian Walking ClubP1080473_MS2_ZE01
  15. LINKS TO OTHER SITES  : See suggested links to other sites on my Front Page – thebardofkelvindale.com



Ken Fisher

A few more local pictures – Kelvindale and Cityscape:


View from Ruchill Park towards the West End


Cityscape from Ruchill Park



View of Kelvindale