Decision Day [23 June 2016]

Decision Day [23 June 2016]


Although every day of our human span matters
Some days are more momentous
Perhaps not as significant as our birth day
Or our last day – for that matter
Nonetheless today – REFERENDUM DAY
Will be epoch-making

After all the arguments have been rehearsed
Ad nauseam, all the killer points thrust like arrows
From the politicians’ quiver.
All the heat generated from debate and argument
Rising into the clouds of confusion and bewilderment
We are left alone to make that choice – Remain or Leave?
Would the throw of a dice be just as cogent?

Some have a clear perception of how they should vote
Others may have been swayed by the rhetoric
To change earlier allegiances
Some, even at this late date, still undecided
But let’s hope they all turn up to cast their vote
It is their civic duty and hard won privilege

Well, wherever we make our X on that ballot paper
We will do it in hope
Hope that whatever be the final national verdict
That bruises inflicted in the fierce campaign
May be quickly healed, and calm restored
Hope that in the aftermath we might all come to terms
With whatever new reality confronts us each and all

Ken Fisher


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