According to history St Valentine
Considered romance to be quite sublime
He cherished all those who were seeking love
Believing divine bliss come down from above

There may have been at least two Valentines
Concerned for oppressed Christians at different times
Whether one or two saints no matter how many
The promotion of love they assured aplenty

In modern times this saintly concern
Must accommodate all those whose merit they yearn
Unlike in past days with only one sweetheart in mind
Our love now expressed for all humankind

So the world of greetings cards has been given a boost
As the scope of our love all living things has seduced
Cards are no longer just gay in a colourful sense
Against such diversity there is no defence

But I do wonder if things have become quite absurd
Cards now transmitted to our cat, dog or bird
I do hope these creatures will appreciate
Our remembrance of them on St Valentines date


Ken Fisher

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