Last Minute Dot Com

Last Minute Dot Com

[with all due respect to the App of this name]


You may be familiar with those popular Apps
Tailored just for us by those marketing chaps
Especially that one that highlights the time
Which, if you waste it, is surely a crime

So in case by indecision you are beset
They are determined that you won’t forget
The choices for you that each day still remain
To quickly secure an unbeatable bargain

Throughout the day their message lambasts our screens
Just in case the latest movie you’ve not so far seen
Or the most sumptuous meal for your sharp appetite
Time-bound treasures offered for your great delight

And of course, the ‘carrot’ they offer is the discounted price
To overlook these offers would be quite unwise
The ‘stick’ is the pressure for you to decide
Any undue delay would the deal set aside

Now despite my own reservations of this kind of trade
Apparently it has succeeded the world to persuade
For I am sure if you are looking to be entertained
And your budget at present is somewhat constrained

Then Last Minute Dot Com will be quite a boon
Download the App and check it out soon
For every day it offers an infinite treasure
Of goodies to bring you immediate pleasure

Ken Fisher


Holiday’s Challenge to our Soul

Holiday’s Challenge to our Soul



The calendar routine is set aside, released from enslavement to its rhythms
The prospect of a week or two of uncharted freedom leaves some uneasy
Perhaps the regularity of familiar patterns has turned us into automatons
We seek liberty but fear the impending loss of habitual strictures

However, no turning back now, forward is the only choice remaining
And so we set off on our journey casting aside our doubts and trepidation
We move steadily towards our destination, relieved no incident has impeded
Our progress to the long-planned journey’s end

Within a few hours of our arrival, new sights and sounds have our mind assaulted
New situations, and novel experiences soon cast aside our earlier foreboding
As we begin to feel the joy of patterns unfamiliar and surprises unforeseen
Thus re-awakened to a fresh and different mode of living

Those early days of holiday seem to pass at their own plodding pace
But very soon the tempo of life’s carousel accelerates
Each day now filled from dawn to late sunset
With activity to stimulate our bodies and our minds

This onslaught of frenetic activity, and sometimes quiet reflection
Has quite dissipated the doleful mood which marked our earlier arrival
So that now the prospect of the end of our vacation
Is viewed with equal disquiet as was the start

Perhaps most holidays are too short, not sufficient time
To disengage from all that would our lives oppress
Yet if they were to become much longer
How would we cope with re-entry to reality?

Ken Fisher

North Wales – A Holiday Treasure

North Wales – A Holiday Treasure


A recent visit to this northern edge of the Cambrian coast
Makes it quite clear why its natives may be inclined to boast
For its towns and its coastline grant infinite pleasure
And it’s no over statement to call it a treasure

For along this northern strand of the “pig’s head” that is Wales
Whence the Irish steamer from Holyhead sails
We find land and sea-scape of wide variation
To match any existing throughout the whole nation

From the mountains of Snowdonia with its great lofty heights
To green valleys whose river falls cascade shining bright
To the sun-drenched beaches of its seaside resorts
And its wide-open spaces for walking or sport

And Wales has a great legacy from what has been extracted
From it mines and quarries over years long protracted
These industrial sites have since been transformed
So of the story of slate and coal mining we can be fully informed

Take Telford’s spanning bridge across to the Isle of Anglesey
O’er the Menai Straits and you will have crossed the doorway
To find quaint little towns and rural beauty in blend
Even one whose station name seems never to end!

One notable feature of the north Wales population
Which sets them apart from most of the UK nation
Is ubiquitous use of the Welsh speaking tongue
And not just the old folks but those ever so young

So my message to you who have so far stayed away
Get over to Wales, at least for a day
But a longer visit would bring much greater reward
For here is so much that is yet unexplored

Ken Fisher

[see pictures below]



The longest station name



Blaenau Ffestiniog



Menai Bridge to Anglesey



Port Meirion


Criccieth Castle



Llandudno sea front

When the Light Darkens – Yet Again

When the Light Darkens – Yet Again


The Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

Following the Paris bombings in November, then Brussels in March, and now yet again with the runaway vehicle on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice, on Bastille Day,  July 2016.   One wonders if we are ever to be free of the spectre of impending terror.  And yet, I dare to repeat the sentiments of my poem posted on those two previous occasions


When life seems good and full of light
How can its days turn into night?
But that it does there is no doubt
And inwardly we have to shout

What has gone wrong, who can we blame?
Why can’t our path remain the same?
A life of praise for all its joy
No longer does our heart employ

We seek for reasons why things change
And far and wide our thoughts do range
But contemplation brings no balm
It does not cheer or bring us calm

We agonise o’er words and deeds
O’er failure to confront the needs
That might these tragedies divert
And so our sorrow thus avert

But in this time of sad reflection
No nostrum found for lost affection
And only sadness is in sight
No early hope of love or light

Thus we must journey on our way
No cure for pain our fears allay
Our only hope that time might ease
And thus restore our inward peace

But just as night will turn to day
We’ll find again the sun’s bright ray
Will slowly mend our broken heart
As warmth and love it does on us impart

Ken Fisher

The Beach

The Beach


Washed by the tide’s relentless ebbs and flows
The beach, powerless those forces to oppose
For millennia, its tiny grains accumulate
No agency its growth can frustrate

Thus forms the shoreline of these isles
The border of the land for endless miles
Determining the limits of our habitation
A hem on the garment of the nation

Yet sandy strands form only part of our long coast
Often the pride of resorts who of them boast
For rocky bays and coves, and harbour walls
More commonly the mariner’s landfall

But whatever constitutes our lingering seaboard
Smooth greensward, jagged rocks or steep fjord
The encircling seas make manifest
The island status of which we’re blessed

Ken Fisher



Regime Change

Regime Change

[13th July 2016]


Today the Queen will give an audience to Theresa May
Our new Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister
We are almost breathless at the political turmoil
Which has engulfed the nation since the EU Referendum

Whether this can be described as Regime Change
[As claimed for Afghanistan after the invasion]
Or something on a more modest scale
Nonetheless we have been witnesses
To cataclysmic change in leadership at home

The race to the top became more of scramble
As aspirants slipped on the mud slung at each other
Touseled heads rolled down slippery slopes
And the fairer sex became the victim of their own jibes

And not only the ‘ruling’ party but the opposition too
All seem bent on internecine strife, the nation
Watches on in incredulity and bemusement
Not our greatest moment midst political mayhem

But surely in due time the dust will settle
After all, compromise will no doubt be the cure
But in a new geo-political climate nothing can stand still
And regimes new or old must meet the challenge of the age

Ken Fisher



The English Riviera

The English Riviera




This coastal gem, twixt Exeter and Plymouth
Since Victorian times beloved of pleasure seekers
And renowned for the healthful climate
Its atmosphere, that of a continental clone
Has long enjoyed the sobriquet of the English Riviera
Perchance a poor shadow of Nice or Cannes?

However in these modern days when all seek to maximize their air miles
Many more fly high over Torbay than ever sample its ground level charms
Thus its air of fading gentility not yet gone beyond maturity to terminal decline
But who knows – as this nation enters isolation mode over Europe
And foreign travel once again seems more of a risk than adventure
Let’s hope the resurging trend of ‘staycation’ will bring revival

But is this judgment on the delights of South Devon just too hasty?
On closer examination I was reminded that there is much to savour
On this southern coastline, whose strand encompasses tiny coves
Expansive beaches, garish promenades, and flotillas of shiny yachts
Bobbing at anchor, or riding the waves, under the eagle eye of the Coast Watch
And, even yet, throngs of holidaymakers, bent on pleasure come what may

So let’s not too readily dismiss this southern coast, skirted by
The reclaimed railway line as it speeds through Dawlish, Teignmouth
And onwards, via Newton Abbot, to Plymouth and far Penzance
Recall with affection the quaint village charms of Shaldon
Or worship the sun in sheltered bays at Babbacombe and Goodrington
A ferry to Dartmouth’s port, then Totnes, or see craftsmen work at Cockington

For those who still hanker for the Mediterranean shores
Should try just one more time to find their pleasure near at home
The English Riviera may conjure up an image less exotic
But the unbiased visitor will find that for food and wine,
For sport and leisure, and for stimulation of the mind and heart
No need to span the Channel, or escape these native isles

Ken Fisher