When the Light Darkens – Again

When the Light Darkens – Again
Following the Paris bombings in November, now in Brussels

Now at this time of Tenebrae in the days leading to Easter when the candles are successively extinguished to bring only darkness, we reflect again on the clouds over Europe.  I present once more my poem written following the Paris Bombings – When the Light Darkens





When life seems good and full of light
How can its days turn into night?
But that it does there is no doubt
And inwardly we have to shout


What has gone wrong, who can we blame?
Why can’t our path remain the same?
A life of praise for all its joy
No longer does our heart employ


We seek for reasons why things change
And far and wide our thoughts do range
But contemplation brings no balm
It does not cheer or bring us calm


We agonise o’er words and deeds
O’er failure to confront the needs
That might this tragedy divert
And so our sorrow thus avert


But in this time of sad reflection
No nostrum found for lost affection
And only sadness is in sight
No early hope of love or light


Thus we must journey on our way
No cure for pain our fears allay
Our only hope that time might ease
And thus restore our inward peace


But just as night will turn to day
We’ll find again the sun’s bright ray
Will slowly mend our broken heart
As warmth and love it does on us impart


Ken Fisher


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