When the Light Darkens [Paris November 2015]





When the Light Darkens

When life seems good and full of light

How can its days turn into night?

But when it does there is no doubt

That inwardly our souls cry out


And when our settled way of life

Is menaced by the sounds of strife

When scenes of carnage assail our eyes

And loud the shrieks of panic rise


What has gone wrong, who can we blame?

Why can’t our path remain the same?

A life of praise for all its joy

No longer does our heart employ


We agonise o’er words and deeds

O’er failure to confront the needs

That might this tragedy divert

And so our sorrow thus avert


But in this time of sad reflection

No nostrum found for disaffection

And only sadness is in sight

No early hope redeems the night


Thus we must journey on our way

No cure for pain our fears allay

Our only hope that time might ease

And thus restore our world to peace



Ken Fisher

2 thoughts on “When the Light Darkens [Paris November 2015]

  1. Beautifully expressed, Ken. To most of us Paris is a city of love, romance and history. At the weekend it was attacked and scarred by folk who have no sense of love or romance. History will judge them.


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