Beyond, Yet in the Midst

Beyond, Yet in the Midst


Beyond, Yet in the Midst


Can we find God’s presence in our living every day?
Hear His voice to guide, to challenge, and console
Some will claim God knows each person by their name
They also claim knowledge of the One who surely saves


Others feel that God cannot thus be apprehended
Words cannot fully grasp His all-pervading essence
The nature of God too mystical to easily define
The creator thus beyond the limits of creation


Our awareness of God revealed to us in holy scripture
Provides mere knowledge of His worldly mission
Despite the testimony of Christ’s ministry here on earth
Can we ever grasp the divine nature of his Father, God?


We conclude the Godhead is beyond all definition
No adequate words found to justify description
All attempts at speculation eventually abandoned
God still remains beyond, yet in the midst of all that is.



Ken Fisher


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