Science & Religion – Friends or Foes?



Science and Religion – Friends or Foes?


For those who take some time to muse on issues which perplex
The interplay twixt science and faith can seem to be complex
And those who claim that science is the only truthful view
The path of daily faith and trust they often may eschew

But others take a different stance and feel no contradiction
Science may indeed reveal clear fact, faith nonetheless no fiction
The saints of old and humble hearts in every generation
Have trusted in the God of Love who cares for every nation

As time progressed the quest of science each year grew ever stronger
Ignorance about our world acceptable no longer
The mighty powers that drive the earth needed understanding
Magnetic force and gravity proved to be all commanding

Science challenged faith which claimed to offer certain hope
The distant stars were soon brought near when came the telescope
No longer true the long held view of our earth at the centre
God maker of the cosmos our great divine inventor

Church leaders closing ranks, to these ‘heresies’ objected
Such challenge to their power must clearly be rejected
But some were ready for new truth and kept an open mind
Unlike the bigots, and those whose eyes continued to be blind

Science of the earth – the study of geology
Contradicted early views in realms of theology
Biblical, five thousand years to tell the whole world’s history
Science claims 5 billion years – surely this a mystery

The story of creation from Adam and his Eve
A tale like this too hard for some to easily believe
Darwin’s view that all today – the result of evolution
Sparked in his time in men of science a thinking revolution

More recently the science of modern genetics
Caused theologians debate not any less frenetic
Theories are advanced without the least apology
In social science, in medicine, and every kind of ‘ology’

So under the weight of such onslaught and hanging by a rope
What can religion offer us that still provides us hope?
The answer I believe is not to be overwhelmed
The realm of faith if given thought we honestly defend

First of all, as those who trust we must not from truth hide
Rejecting science and casting all its gains aside
Our modern lives, our comfort and our health
Science gave us much of this, per’aps even more, our wealth

But the life we have, the freedom we inherit
From the example of our Master’s life we learn the Christian merit
Of course our faith is not without emotion
Love for each other surely shown because of faith’s devotion

The realm of faith speaks to the soul and to those deepest needs
For meaning, beauty, love and care for which our heart can bleed
And while we rejoice in all of science’s gains
Faith can for us bring hope when nothing else remains

So is it true that faith and science must then forever vie
No concord to be found no matter how they try?
We live our lives with science and faith each helping to sustain
A life to live, a love to show, that all around may gain

Of course we would not willingly the boon of science reject
Thus losing all that has been gained including its respect
But for the trusting heart then faith provides the Way,
The truth, the life, and new meaning to each day

Ken Fisher



Ken Fisher


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