Regime Change

Regime Change

[13th July 2016]


Today the Queen will give an audience to Theresa May
Our new Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister
We are almost breathless at the political turmoil
Which has engulfed the nation since the EU Referendum

Whether this can be described as Regime Change
[As claimed for Afghanistan after the invasion]
Or something on a more modest scale
Nonetheless we have been witnesses
To cataclysmic change in leadership at home

The race to the top became more of scramble
As aspirants slipped on the mud slung at each other
Touseled heads rolled down slippery slopes
And the fairer sex became the victim of their own jibes

And not only the ‘ruling’ party but the opposition too
All seem bent on internecine strife, the nation
Watches on in incredulity and bemusement
Not our greatest moment midst political mayhem

But surely in due time the dust will settle
After all, compromise will no doubt be the cure
But in a new geo-political climate nothing can stand still
And regimes new or old must meet the challenge of the age

Ken Fisher



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