Regime Change

Regime Change

[13th July 2016]


Today the Queen will give an audience to Theresa May
Our new Tory Party Leader and Prime Minister
We are almost breathless at the political turmoil
Which has engulfed the nation since the EU Referendum

Whether this can be described as Regime Change
[As claimed for Afghanistan after the invasion]
Or something on a more modest scale
Nonetheless we have been witnesses
To cataclysmic change in leadership at home

The race to the top became more of scramble
As aspirants slipped on the mud slung at each other
Touseled heads rolled down slippery slopes
And the fairer sex became the victim of their own jibes

And not only the ‘ruling’ party but the opposition too
All seem bent on internecine strife, the nation
Watches on in incredulity and bemusement
Not our greatest moment midst political mayhem

But surely in due time the dust will settle
After all, compromise will no doubt be the cure
But in a new geo-political climate nothing can stand still
And regimes new or old must meet the challenge of the age

Ken Fisher



The State Opening of Parliament

The State Opening of Parliament


Pomp and pageant, precedent and politics
Golden coach and heraldic caravanserai
The sovereign at parliament
Noble head bearing the Imperial Crown
And shrouded in the Robe of State

The Queen enthroned, confronts her Lords Spiritual
And Temporal in the grandeur of the upper house
The Commons symbolically excluded, then reluctantly
admitted as Black Rod hammers on the door

The procession to the Lords’ chamber led by
The Speaker of the Commons as lesser members
Follow on, recognizable faces then others in their turn
Thus all of parliament awaits the monarch

The Queens’s speech – written by the government
Mouthed by the sovereign, outlines the proposals for
Legislation and reform. Filled with noble aims
And high ideals but seasoned by ideology of the party

Thus the plans for the new session are set forth
Royalty, in great dignity retreat, and both houses
Begin the debate on the content of that speech
First to agree ‘An address in reply to Her Majesty’s
Gracious Speech’    Then let battle commence!

Thus continues a tradition stretching back to the 17th Century
Perhaps somewhat archaic but truly redolent of our
Constitutional democracy.

Ken Fisher


Election Time – After the Event

Election Time

The day after polling day



A long sleepless night, the vigil of the Results
Much excitement throughout the land
Early reports show the participation rates quite high
No man or his dog could escape the frisson

Polling day witnessed the stations fully used
No boredom or tedium this Thursday
And steady flows of voters
Eager to make their choices

The complexities of our PR voting system
Do not seem to have caused the voters great confusion
Whether it creates a two-tier universe of MSPs
In due time this seems to matter little

The magic hour of 10 o’clock, no more ticking
The metal caskets sealed and sent on their way
The smooth electoral machinery secures their safe progress
Ensuring each one directed to their counting station

World’s media turns on its search-lights
Politicians and pundits hover by the podium
At first there is little to say as there are no results
And comment from participants seems ambivalent

Then the early results – from small rural communities
Throw a crumb to the hungry journalists
Extrapolating tiny numbers into ‘national swings’
After all they have to say something

Gradually the momentum grows
Hopes begin to be dashed or faint hearts warmed
Explanation and rationalization comes thick and fast
Warning against early conclusion

Airwaves filled with chatter, rudely interrupted
The result is coming in from ……….shire
Self-important returning officers
Give their unhurried verdict to the anxious listeners

Broadcast journalists seize the opportunity
To demand some instant response
To any turn of events that challenges their prey
They go straight for the jugular

As the dark hours give way to daylight

A clearer picture takes shape, firmer outcomes predicted
Sharper focus now demanded in comments and explanations
The results seem to say this election has more to do
With constitutional issues than the traditional divide

The protagonists now face their new reality
Some heave a huge sigh of relief
Others nurse their wounds
Whither now the future of Scotland?

Ken Fisher

In or Out? Musings on the EU Referendum

In or Out?


It will soon be decision time again

This routine is quite a bane

Once more we really must decide

Set aside our national pride


I was hoping for the settled life

A break from political strife

After a surfeit of elections

A time just for quiet reflection


We’ve endured the Scottish Referendum

The UK-wide General election

Soon we decide on our SNP’s

Will the EU poll bring us to our knees?


Perhaps the only ones who will be pleased

Are the school-kids thus from class released

No doubt the pollsters will be filled with joy

As their crystal balls they each employ


Anyway we should not complain

As protagonists join their campaign

Perhaps we should be sympathetic

And enjoy our life so democratic


Ken Fisher