North Wales – A Holiday Treasure

North Wales – A Holiday Treasure


A recent visit to this northern edge of the Cambrian coast
Makes it quite clear why its natives may be inclined to boast
For its towns and its coastline grant infinite pleasure
And it’s no over statement to call it a treasure

For along this northern strand of the “pig’s head” that is Wales
Whence the Irish steamer from Holyhead sails
We find land and sea-scape of wide variation
To match any existing throughout the whole nation

From the mountains of Snowdonia with its great lofty heights
To green valleys whose river falls cascade shining bright
To the sun-drenched beaches of its seaside resorts
And its wide-open spaces for walking or sport

And Wales has a great legacy from what has been extracted
From it mines and quarries over years long protracted
These industrial sites have since been transformed
So of the story of slate and coal mining we can be fully informed

Take Telford’s spanning bridge across to the Isle of Anglesey
O’er the Menai Straits and you will have crossed the doorway
To find quaint little towns and rural beauty in blend
Even one whose station name seems never to end!

One notable feature of the north Wales population
Which sets them apart from most of the UK nation
Is ubiquitous use of the Welsh speaking tongue
And not just the old folks but those ever so young

So my message to you who have so far stayed away
Get over to Wales, at least for a day
But a longer visit would bring much greater reward
For here is so much that is yet unexplored

Ken Fisher

[see pictures below]



The longest station name



Blaenau Ffestiniog



Menai Bridge to Anglesey



Port Meirion


Criccieth Castle



Llandudno sea front

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