Last Minute Dot Com

Last Minute Dot Com

[with all due respect to the App of this name]


You may be familiar with those popular Apps
Tailored just for us by those marketing chaps
Especially that one that highlights the time
Which, if you waste it, is surely a crime

So in case by indecision you are beset
They are determined that you won’t forget
The choices for you that each day still remain
To quickly secure an unbeatable bargain

Throughout the day their message lambasts our screens
Just in case the latest movie you’ve not so far seen
Or the most sumptuous meal for your sharp appetite
Time-bound treasures offered for your great delight

And of course, the ‘carrot’ they offer is the discounted price
To overlook these offers would be quite unwise
The ‘stick’ is the pressure for you to decide
Any undue delay would the deal set aside

Now despite my own reservations of this kind of trade
Apparently it has succeeded the world to persuade
For I am sure if you are looking to be entertained
And your budget at present is somewhat constrained

Then Last Minute Dot Com will be quite a boon
Download the App and check it out soon
For every day it offers an infinite treasure
Of goodies to bring you immediate pleasure

Ken Fisher


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