Chequer Board

A chequer board pattern to our life

P1060789 (1)

Life might sometimes be compared to a chequer board
Although this pattern seems to taper to the centre
Experiences classified in grey or black and sometimes blue
Perhaps this is altogether a motif far too rigid

And yet its regularity brings some reassurance
As we trace our way across the squares, we know
what’s coming next – nothing unpredictable
All uncertainty safely averted

But would we not soon be overwhelmed by boredom
If the progression of our days hardly ever varied?
But just trace a different course from the usual
Let your eye move towards the top of this display

The squares then seem to shrink, not just because of perspective
Perhaps as our years increase our vision too contracts
Our focus narrows, our outlook on the world begins to pucker
We return to childhood’s concentration on ourself

So let’s rejoice in regularity and order
But in our quest for stability in daily life
Still welcome those surprising moments
When serendipity comes to us unannounced

Ken Fisher


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