An Alternate Path – by Oliver Fisher

An Alternate Path by Oliver Fisher

What if some how? Could you see
A different side, of what could be.
A separate road with roots the same
But wind and time have lost its name

And time and choice will testify
This is the path. Its dest-deny
But out afar, on fields of plains
You are playing different games

If I wasn’t so, then you would be
And we would be. If we were so
But I wasn’t and now I am and you are you
I fantasise.

Long lost prophecies, which soothsayers
Swore to be true. But my hands bear the scars of a player, not a winner.
I realise.

Our winding roads may meet again
To tangle and mix and dilute again
For now I forget you exist again
You are you and I am me again.

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