Plan B

Plan B

Sometimes it is wise to prepare a Plan B
If plan A should fail I am sure you’ll agree
Common sense demands we give consideration
If what we intended might end in frustration

In commerce and trade Plan B is worthwhile
If bold risk-taking is not the appropriate style
Caution is needed if firms want to stay liquid
Ensuring their losses are tightly restricted

It is all very well to boldly go forth
Believing Plan A has infinite worth
But when in time expectations flounder
Having no Plan B is surely a blunder

In politics too Plan B is essential
Although MPs believe in the life providential
Declaring success whatever arises
Denying changed plans cause them surprises

And so in life when things diverge from our plan
An alternative course we should take if we can
Plan A,  no doubt in its day a sensible course
But if needed, use plan B, and have no remorse

Ken Fisher

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