Introvert or Extrovert, Intuitive or Sensor
What type are we, as seen by those experts who us measure?
Thinker or Feeler, Judger or Perceiver
I hope the test ne’er proves to be a false deceiver

Personality typing is a tool with many uses
And cynically, I suppose, even some abuses
I am told it is a method of true self-discovery
Sometimes even helps us in self-recovery

Historically the main researchers in this field
To whose opinions we might humbly wish to yield
Were Jung then Briggs and the Myers tribe
And subsequently others who to their views subscribe

Myers-Briggs have defined sixteen different profiles
Each of these describes just one distinctive style
Each profile has a group of letters to avoid confusion
The group defines the type thus by allusion

So here we find the ISTJ known as “The Inspector”
The ISFJ – apparently “Protector”
Then there’s the ESTJ who’s a “Supervisor”
While ESFJ’s a kind and good “Provider”

The INFJ is known as a “Counsellor”
Better still, the INFP can often be a “Healer”
The ISTP is a handy “Artisan”
INTP “the Architect” another useful man

Many wish to be an ENFJ that is a “Teacher”
An ISFP “Composer” or ESFP a “Performer”
Then there is the ESTP known as a “Dynamo”
But can the ENTJ “Commander” him readily o’er throw?

We still need ISFP who’s a “Composer” of fine work
And ENFP the “Champion” – never known to shirk
Finally ENTP the “Visionary” in front and never left behind
But best of all there’s INTJ known to all as “Mastermind”

The jumbled letters range from narrow INTROVERSION
And at the other end, expansive EXTROVERSION
The letters also point to the humans’ wide dichotomies
Similarly wide-ranging in size and shape like their anatomy

So S stands for “Sensing” against N for ‘iNtuition”
J is “Judging” against P for “Perception”
And finally we set T for “Thinking” over against F for “Feeling”
Such categorization might not seem so appealing

Anyway this is my summary of personality typing theory
I have to say I am now getting somewhat weary
No doubt the experts in the detailed field of HR
Will apply the testing for employment near and far

But I have to wonder if putting us into a labelled box
And judging all we do against the ticking clock
Will really make us willing to put our best foot forward
Perhaps a smile, a kindly word, yield just as much reward.

Ken Fisher

[Acknowledging data from Myers Briggs and Jung Personality Tests websites] 

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