Thank You, and Yes Please

“The biggest doors can be opened by the smallest of keys
Thank you so much, and oh yes please”


Strange as it may seem we will likely achieve
Much more if we simply learn to say please
These common courtesies we must not eschew
By neglecting to say a polite ‘thank you’

These gentle words that would appease
Will rarely anyone displease
And if we use a little charm
Potential foes we can disarm

Or if by our words we seek to gain
and some objective would attain
Politeness surely will reward
Requests not readily ignored

So let’s not forget those common words
In conversation not always heard
Let our speech pay due regard
These two little words ne’er discard

‘Thank you so much for all that you do’
And then it is certain good things will ensue
When making requests then always say please
And doors will swing open as we’ve found the keys!

Ken Fisher


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