A Timely Warning!

A Timely Warning!   Not to be taken too seriously


Just cast your eyes upon these tombs
And think what in the future looms
If we stray from the straight and narrow
Our fate it certainly will harrow!

As we gaze upon these stones
From underground, do we hear groans?
What pains were suffered by the dead
‘Fore resting in their earthly bed?

But surely all that here do rest
In life did all their very best
To earn a place in heaven above
By showing others generous love?

So here’s the lesson we must learn
If just reward we hope to earn
Throughout this life be kind to all
That from God’s grace we will not fall

Lofty gravestones may impress
But monuments can rarely bless
If when we’re gone we seek respect
In this life, let love reflect

The simple message of these stones
And tombs filled with those old dry bones
Is nothing does forever last
Live life today, accept what’s passed


Ken Fisher


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