My Attempt to Save BHS!

My attempt to save BHS [British Home Stores]


Having heard the bad news about BHS
One of our favourite stores, I have to confess
It’s fate hangs in the balance as it waits to be saved
Although I fear it won’t escape completely unscathed

Founded in 1928 this well-known retailer has made its mark
And news of its predicament seems all very stark
We knew there were problems, but hoped they might pass
And that thoughts of closure it might simply bypass

But today its seems to stand on the brink
And without some help it surely will sink
So although I have no means to solve all its woes
I thought it might help if I bought a few clothes!

When I visited the store to my great delight
Its welcoming windows were still shining bright
And better still (although perhaps not for them)
There were discounts on offer wherever we went

Although we could not make any magnanimous gesture
We hope in a small way we might have brought pleasure
As I rifled the shelves for a really good deal
And found two nice shirts which I thought had appeal!

So although we clearly could not redeem the store’s fate
[I think that to do that it is now far too late]
But perhaps by our small deed we still hope and believe
That from disaster surely someone will BHS retrieve


Ken Fisher

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