It’s No Longer Retire But Retyre

It’s No Longer Retire But Retyre

Someone has suggested that the twilight years
Which in days gone by were deemed unattractive
Are no longer filled with impending fears
As pensioners to day are quite hyperactive

For decades liberation from drudge was the worker’s prayer
And although many are still able to make their escape
Active pensioners would be wise to beware
Lest they are sucked into the ‘voluntary’ landscape

For this is the territory with which they may get embroiled
And wherein  many might well be taken advantage
The unsuspecting retiree could simply be foiled
Finding their planned freedom has rapidly vanished

Some have invoked a motoring analogy
To keep us on the move simply all that we need
Is a  new set of treads to  avoid any lethargy
Thus equipped nothing will our progress impede

So forget the word retire and think of retyre
A new spring in your step as you sally forth
There’s lots of mileage to go before you expire
But don’t let all those others discount your true worth

Ken Fisher

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