Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster



Like a roller coaster ride life’s full of ups and downs
Some days our face contorts with smiles at other times it’s frowns
The trick is learning how to cope with these undulations
Not allowing all those dips to drive us to frustration

When we are on the upslope and everything is fine
The world seems in our favour our future quite benign
We reach the top of the loop feeling so elated
As we start the steep decline we then become deflated

Thus we progress along the line by many fits and starts
The carriage lurches back and forth shaking all our parts
At one time we find ourselves completely upside down
Excitement enough to induce nervous breakdown

And then at last the coaster slows down towards the station
Our beating hearts cease their rapid palpitations
But suddenly it’s all gone flat the thrills are dissipated
We yearn once more for such delights unanticipated

As with the roller coaster ride, in life we seek excitement
For although tranquil days may bring us much contentment
But lest dull boredom should become a constant feature
We pray the twisting spiral will recoil early in the future

Ken Fisher

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