I notice that fidgeting has been brought back to mind
As nervous souls seek out ways to unwind
Some smart entrepreneur has come up with a winner
And thus brought to market the Fidget Spinner

I suppose this might simply be a short-term craze
Its duration not years but simply months, even days
But that fact of its appearance does at least testify
To an unmet need you cannot deny

So what is this fidgeting eponymous?
That gave the name to this device so dexterous
Requiring nimble fingers to spin the wheel
And the faster, I assume the better we feel

Fidgeting is the act of moving restlessly
Fiddling with hands or clothes somewhat nervously
Perhaps it is fear or boredom causing agitation
Or some forthcoming test or a confrontation

Some claim that fidgeting is caused by our genes
So this restless behaviour is not what it seems
Whatever the cause it is an unconscious act
Of which few would deny its power to distract

Fidgeting may involve pulling one’s hair
Or flexing fingers, a quite common affair
Sometimes our leg cannot keep still
Bouncing up and down quite beyond our will

So what can we do about this awkward affliction?
Which at its worst is like a persistent addiction
Perhaps to relax is the best advice we can give
And with all such defects simply just learn to live

Ken Fisher

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