Hoping, Helping, and Hingin Thegither

Hoping, Helping, and Hingin Thegither
[What the Scots do amidst the pandemic]

What can you do amidst this pandemic
To prevent your thoughts becoming quite manic?
Better perhaps give heed to sister or brother
As the Bible suggests that we love one another

First of all we must not lose hope
Else we would find that we never will cope
Believe in the fact that all this will pass
A glimmer of light through today’s darkened glass

We might then consider those who are in need
Whose many problems their joy would impede
Weary souls whose lives are acquainted with grief
Bring meaningful help, and to sadness, relief

Perhaps we must simply be ‘hingin thegither’
Even if this means just having a blether
Reach out to each other as best we may
Bring light and blessing to each wearisome day

So let’s adopt those three simple deeds
To ease our own and our neighbours’ needs
Bring hope and help to those in despair
And hing in thegither thus our burdens share

Ken Fisher

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