Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

Reflecting Back/Exploring Forward

The life of the mind is two-dimensional
On the past, reflecting back
On the future, exploring forward
Memories and speculation

The past, cavalcade of images
From childhood to old age
The future, a shorter focus
From to-day until when? Who knows?

Past reflections, echoes of joy
Interwoven with times of trial
The future? The past no guarantee
Of what may yet lie ahead!

The past cannot be undone
For good or ill, the record stands
The future waits to be explored
Fearfully unpredictable, not without hope

The past is gone, the future not yet
The only reality – the present
Savour every instant
Turn them to good account

Thus each moment adds to history
Together with past and future
Penning the script of

Ken Fisher

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