Taking Umbridge

Taking Umbridge


Umbridge is something I’d rather not take
Even if just for harmony’s sake
But sometimes by others I am deeply offended
By their words which I feel cannot be defended

Now and then I am sure you feel aggrieved
By untrue statements that leave you quite peeved
Little white lies that bring on vexation
Hiding the truth of the situation

A description of something, their own critique
Prompting in you a feeling of pique
What they have said is misrepresentation
Devoid of the facts of the situation

We may take umbridge when things are unfair
When we have been denied our rightful share
Too small a slice of the birthday cake
No share in the will bringing huge heartache!

Sometimes umbridge is taken at the slightest infringement
Resulting in quite disproportionate resentment
It would be better if we might tolerate
Not allowing minor issues to quickly inflate

And the question is, does it do any good?
Tell me how taking umbridge ever would
Bring change to that perplexing situation
And resolve all resentful aggravation

Perhaps the response that’s more mature
Averting umbridge that might endure
Simply adopt a smile so benign
And the portion of umbridge quite simply decline

Ken Fisher

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